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Equipment Acquired For the Program

The School of Pharmacy has invested in extensive computer equipment for distance learning to allow instructors to view and interact with students at other locations via HealthNet. In addition, the School and faculty have invested over $1.5 Million in scientific equipment for the research laboratories and startup packages for the new faculty. The Department currently has approximately 14,000 sq ft of research space spread among 11 laboratories, 2 cold rooms, an equipment room, one solid dosage forms laboratory, and one dark room. The equipment available to faculty and graduate students include several low speed and high speed centrifuges, one ultracentrifuge, a UV/Vis spectrophotometer, a fluorescence spectrophotometer, 2 PCR machines, several fully automated HPLCs, a liquid scintillation counter, a gamma counter, a cryostat, a clinical flow cytometer, a molecular modeling workstation, a fluorescent plate reader, a single-punch microprocessor-controlled Carver press, one 16-station rotary tablet machine, a fluid-bed granulator, a microfluidizer for aqueous coating dispersions and liposomes, two particle size analyzers, a capsule filling machine, manual and automated dissolution equipment, a Quantasorb surface area measurement equipment, a PK-blender, two differential scanning calorimeters (DSC-7 and DSC-4), a navicyte and two perm-gear diffusion cell assemblies, an Instron, a brain micro dialysis setup, six stability ovens, photo stability chamber, humidity chamber, several cell culture facilities, and a myriad of small equipment including balances, vacuum pumps, pH meters, Osmometer, homogenizers etc.

Facilities in the School

The School of Pharmacy is located in an 102,000+ sq. ft building on the Amarillo campus of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences. The building was provided through funds donated by the people of Amarillo. The School of Pharmacy building features a 240-seat lecture center and a classroom that offers interactive video conferencing capabilities. The five computer-classrooms feature high resolution monitors in addition to computer docking and microphones. At least three of these classrooms are set up for two-way interactive teaching with HealthNet. For small classes and meetings, the School has the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences conference room and a small teaching room on the 4th floor. The School has access to an AALAC accredited animal vivarium across the street at the Texas Tech University HSC School of Medicine. In addition, the Department has a dishwasher and sterilizer, as well as facilities for disposal of radioactive, toxic, or bio hazardous waste.

Library Facilities

The program will rely on the TTUHSC Library at Amarillo which is a division of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center library system.

  • Library Holdings Added in the Past Few Years. Over the past four years, the library resource budget for support of the TTUHSC School of Pharmacy programs has invested $1.5 Million to purchase and maintain pharmacy journal subscriptions.
  • Library Holdings Specifically Relevant to these Programs. The four libraries of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center have holdings approaching 250,000 volumes, including over 2000 current serial subscriptions for over 1400 serial titles covering the biomedical literature of basic sciences, medicine, nursing, allied health, and pharmacy. In support of the School of Pharmacy, the Harrington Library of the Health Sciences currently subscribes to 98 journal titles in the basic sciences for pharmacy study and research, and 101 pharmacy journal titles. Many of these titles are also current subscriptions at the three other libraries of the TTUHSC system. The Amarillo campus library also holds over 350 pharmacy and pharmacy-related book titles, as well as 6 audiovisual titles in pharmacy. Total audiovisual holdings for the Harrington amount to 2,391 items.
  • Cooperative Library Agreements Available to the Students in These Programs. Strong cooperative library arrangements are in place to support the information needs of all programs of the TTUHSC. The TTUHSC library system is a recognized Resource Library of the National Library of Medicine. This permits participation in a nationwide network of health sciences libraries for interlibrary loan. Regionally, the TTUHSC libraries are charter members of SCAMeL (South Central Academic Medical Libraries consortium). This consortium maintains an on-line union list of journals of the biomedical libraries of Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. The consortium also provides interlibrary loan and document delivery between the SCAMel membership. All libraries of the Texas Tech University Health Science Center system have access to the OCLC interlibrary loan network to supplement information needs that lie outside of the traditional biomedical disciplines. Additionally, all TTUHSC libraries are members of TEXSHARE, a state-wide network of all libraries in institutions of higher education in Texas. This membership will offer additional interlibrary loan support for the TTUHSC system to all of these institutions. All four libraries share the LIUS system described above. All are linked by telefacsimile and ARIEL Documents delivery services to all Texas institutions of higher education, to all campuses of the institution, as well as to an ever increasing number of ARIEL institutions nationwide.