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Tuition and Fees

The details of tuition and other fees should be obtained from the most recent TTUHSC Graduate Catalog. Generally, the tuition and other fee are as follows:

Texas Residents (Texas and counties adjacent to Texas):
$40 per semester credit hour. If the student registers for 10 credit hours, the approximate total for State and Institutional tuition, student services fee, medical services fee, information technology fee, ID card fee, and International Education fee is $1100 per semester in Fall and Spring. The same total fee during summer semesters is approximately $400 for a three credit hour registration each in sessions I and 2.
Nonresident - including international students:
$258 per semester credit hour

Students on teaching/research assistantships, regardless of residency status, are required to pay only the resident tuition fee which is $40 per semester credit hour. The total fee for international students on assistantships is about $1100 each in Fall and Spring, and $800 for the two summer sessions combined.

The fee estimates are only approximate. All the fees vary depending upon the students' residency status and other factors. Therefore the students should carefully read the TTUHSC Graduate Catalog that is current at the time of admissions.