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Flow Cytometry Cell Sorter FACSAria



Key Features

The BD FACSAria cell sorter sets a new standard for high-performance flow cytometry. Based on an entirely new design in instrumentation, the BD FACSAria instrument is the first benchtop sorter that incorporates a fixed-alignment cuvette flow cell. The numerous technological advances embodied in the BD FACSAria cell sorter reduce the cost of owning a highspeed sorter and accelerate research by providing unparalleled, easy-to-use, high-performance sorting and analysis


With its 3 lasers, this FACSAria can detect up to 11 fluorochromes, for a total of 13 parameters:


  • 488 nm: 7 detectors (SSC + 6 fluorochromes)
  • 633 nm: 3 detectors
  • 405 nm (violet): 2 detectors


  • High-speed cell sorting
  • 3 air-cooled lasers (blue: 488, red: 633, and violet: 407 nm)
  • Digital acquisition rates of up to 70,000 events/second
  • Multicolour analysis (up to 9 colours)
  • Two- and four-way bulk sorting into tubes and 96-well plates
  • Optical filters to detect fluorophores in the following nine channels:
  • Digital Fluorescence-activated cell sorter




Faculty Contact:

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center-SOP
Abilene Campus - 
1718 Pine St.
Abilene, TX 769601

Map to Location

Dr. Laurence Wood 
Office: Abilene Campus Room 2514
Phone: (325) 696-0431


Staff Contact: for training and assistance

Hourly user fee: $20

Hourly rate for technician: $40

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Bharath Bonala
Office: Abilene Campus Room
Phone: (325) 696-0423

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