TTUHSC School of Pharmacy

Seed Grant Requirements

Important Requirements for Seed Grant Awardees!

1.) Present a research seminar on his/her seed grant during the following year, as scheduled by the Coordinator of the Office of Sciences

2.) Submit a progress report to the Office of Sciences. 

Information required in the progress report:

  • The progress report should provide a brief summary of the objectives of the grant and the results obtained.
  • Information should be given on submitted extramural research grants.
  • Information should be given on scientific manuscripts (submitted or published
    • Upon submission of a manuscript and/or abstract, the publication should identify the source of funding, specifically acknowledging the internal seed grant through the Texas Tech University School of Pharmacy.
  • Information should be given on scientific presentations based on the obtained results from the seed grant.

3.) Submit an end of study/closure report at the end of study completion.

NOTE: Faculty who fail to meet these requirements will not be considered for any future intramural grants through the School of Pharmacy Office of Sciences.