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Internal Grants Supported by the Office of the Sciences

>Bridge Funds

The purpose of the Bridge Funding Program is to sustain faculty research programs between extramural grants.   The School recognizes the importance of providing ongoing support to extramurally funded faculty researchers, even during periods when their extramural funding has been depleted.   Unexpected delays that occur during the process of reapplying for continued funding could potentially compromise ongoing faculty research programs.   Principal Investigators (PIs) understand that extramural funding is essential to sustaining vital research programs; however, the School deems it important to provide bridge funding, in certain circumstances, to those PIs who are eligible.

Seed Grants

The aim of this program is to provide a modest level of "seed" funding for faculty to initiate research programs and obtain preliminary data. By participating in the program, faculty will gain experience in grant writing, project design and project execution. It is anticipated that data obtained and experience gained from participation in the program will help faculty compete for larger extramural grants. It is also expected that data obtained from these "seed" grants will be published in scientific journals and presented at scientific and professional meetings to aid in the scientific development of the faculty.

Equipment Grants

The equipment grant is an opportunity to secure funding for the purchase of capital equipment. The funding varies and is not guaranteed each year; however, every effort is made to identify sources of financial support for capital equipment purchases.

Center for Research Excellence Awards

A Research Center is a program within the School of Pharmacy that attains extraordinary recognition for the School through superior research that produces measurable outcomes valued within and beyond TTUHSC. Because the available funding for these Centers varies each year (and is not determined until the Governor signs the appropriations bill), there are no absolutes regarding how many Centers are funded or for how long. Typically, one to two Research Centers is selected for funding each year. That funding may extend into a second year of support, but that also depends on available financial support.

Women's Health Research Institute Grants

The Women's Health Research Institute of Amarillo is a joint effort of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine, School of Pharmacy, Northwest Texas Hospital, West Texas A&M, Amarillo College, the Harrington Cancer Center, and the community. Major goals of the Institute are to advance our knowledge of women's health issues and to facilitate collaborative development of research in a wide range of problems that affect women's health. The Institute is instrumental in developing research programs that bridge departments and institutions. It strives to merge the world of clinical medicine with basic and applied research. Anyone may apply from the Amarillo community concerning topics of interest to women's health. Preference will be given to proposals if they involve more than one community or health care institution and/or school within the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.