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Women's Health Research Institute Grants

The Women's Health Research Institute of Amarillo is a joint effort of the Texas Tech School of Medicine, School of Pharmacy, Northwest Texas Hospital, West Texas A&M, Amarillo College, the Harrington Cancer Center, and the community. Major goals of the Institute are to advance our knowledge of women's health issues and to facilitate collaborative development of research in a wide range of problems that affect women's health. The Institute is the focal point for research of the Texas Tech School of Medicine. Some Texas Tech faculty are nationally known for their work in women's health issues. They are encouraged to develop working teams of faculty to expand their research efforts. Faculty with research expertise who are not dealing with women's issues are encouraged to adapt their work so that it might receive support through the Women's Health Research Institute. The Institute is instrumental in developing research programs that bridge departments and institutions. It strives to merge the world of clinical medicine with basic and applied research. The Institute plays a major role in faculty development and provides an opportunity for faculty scholarship.

Funding for the program comes from the Regional Dean's fund, support for research through the Lubbock campus, the School of Pharmacy, and Northwest Texas Hospital. The program is sustained through additional grant programs, both intramural and extramural.

Anyone may apply from the Amarillo community concerning topics of interest to women's health. Preference will be given to proposals if they involve more than one community or health care institution and/or school within the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center.

All investigators may submit WHRI proposals (using WHRI grant forms and the routing sheet) to the WHRI Research Project Administrator by the submission deadline, as announced. Upon request, RFPs can be emailed from the WHRI Research Project Administrator (806-356-4617) or For TTUHSC researchers, the application and necessary forms may also be found in the Outlook public folder "WHRI-RFP."  Please email or call for questions or assistance.

The original and ten paper copies should be submitted by the deadline announced by the WHRI office. Researchers who have received committee approvals for their projects should also attach approval letters/certifications with their WHRI submission. Investigators are responsible for following their institutional guidelines and obtaining the necessary institutional approvals. (New laboratory personnel may require laboratory certification training or other specific training. For more information, please contact Safety Services at 806-354-5441).

Strict adherence to guidelines is required. Late submissions must be pre-approved by the WHRI Research Project Administrator or the Executive Director WHRI.

Investigators will be expected to submit semi-annual reports with project reviews at twelve-month intervals.

Completed Proposals and Letters of Intent should be sent to: Women's Health Research Institute, Attn: Claudette Dove, Research Project Administrator, TTUHSC, 1400 Wallace Blvd., Amarillo, Texas 79106 or electronically to

For additional information about WHRI, including the nine areas of particular importance to the Institute, as identified by The Council of the Women's Health Research Institute, go to: