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Nikon Confocal Microscope



Key Features

The A1 is Nikon's powerful fully-automated confocal imaging system, capable of capturing high-quality confocal images of cells and molecular events at high speed and enhanced sensitivity. Ideal for facilities with a broad range of users, the A1 has been designed with groundbreaking new optical and electronic technology innovations to provide unprecedented system quality and flexibility.

Equipped with 4 lasers 405, 488, 561, and 635nm.  High precision motorized-focus, and image capture in 3D and many more features.

  •  A high-speed resonant scanner allows imaging of intracellular dynamics at 30 frames per second (Fps). Moreover, image acquisition of 420 fps is also possible.
  • Simultaneous imaging and photo activation with the proprietary hybrid scanner reveal intemolecular interaction. Analysis software for FRAP and FRET is provided standard.
  • Fast spectral image acquisition for 32 channels at a maximum of 24 fps (512 x 32 pixels) is possible. New real-time spectral unmixing and the V-filtering function expand the range of use of spectral images.
  • Fluorescence efficiency is increased by 30 percent, and S/N ratio of images is also increased. With diverse new technologies such as the VAAS pinhole unit, superior image quality has been achieved.

Nikon Confocal Microscope


Faculty Contact:

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center-SOP
Abilene Campus - 2502
1718 Pine St.
Abilene, TX 769601

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Dr. Magdalena Karbowniczek
Office: Abilene Campus Room 2517
Phone: 325-696-0430


Staff Contact: for training and assistance

Hourly user fee: $20

Hourly rate for technician: $40

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Bharath Bonala
Office: Abilene Campus Room 
Phone: 325-696-0423

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