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Texas Tech School of Pharmacy, Office of Sciences is pleased to provide funding for one Pharmacy Practice faculty member to attend one of the following courses. If interested please contact Dr. Sara Brouse.

A.) Mentored Research Investigator Training (MeRIT) Program

The MeRIT Program connects an accomplished ACCP research mentor with a mentee and local advisor. This individualized,
longitudinal 2-year program combines face-to-face and virtual guidance and training to developing investigators. Participants are mentored through research design, data collection, results presentation, and manuscript preparation.

Who Should Apply: Ideal candidates are pharmacy faculty or practitioners with limited research experience who are committed to incorporating research into their professional careers, interested in generating research themes or obtaining preliminary data for larger funding opportunities, aspiring to be active principal or co-investigators within a research team, and able to commit at least 10% effort to research

B.) Focused Investigator Training (FIT) Program:

The FIT Program is an intensive 5-day hands-on program for a limited number of experienced pharmacist investigators looking to maximize their chances of success in the current research funding environment. The Research Institute’s FIT Program focuses on Career Development Awards (K Series) and Research Grants (R Series), or similar investigator-initiated applications for submission to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) or other major funding source. Click below to visit the RI website to learn more.

Who Should Apply: Ideal candidates are mid-career, fellowship-trained, tenure track or research-focused pharmacist faculty
members. Others interested are encouraged to call the RI to discuss the program and eligibility.

C.) Research and Scholarship Certificate Program:

The ACCP Academy Research and Scholarship Certificate Program is an educational program aimed at developing basic clinical research and scholarly abilities. This program is an extension of the previous “Research Training Curriculum” developed by ACCP in the late 1990s. The primary target audience for this program is clinical pharmacists who practice in a setting where research and scholarly activity are expectations of their position. Click below to learn more about this program. 


Prerequisite Module: Research Primer (4 hours) Delivered at the ACCP Annual Meeting
Module No. 1: Research Basics (4 hours) Delivered at the ACCP Annual Meeting
Module No. 2: Statistical Issues (4 hours) Delivered at ACCP’s Updates in Therapeutics
Module No. 3: Extending Your Research Tool Kit (4 hours) Delivered at ACCP’s Updates in Therapeutics
Module No. 4: Regulatory and Ethical Issues (4 hours) Delivered at ACCP’s Updates in Therapeutics

A total of 24.0 hours are required to complete the program. For complete information on each module’s learning objectives, pre-assignments, portfolio activities and mentoring requirements, consult the Research and Scholarship Certificate Program syllabus. The ACCP Academy requires all enrollees to complete the program within two years of attending the program’s prerequisite module, the Research Primer.


MeRIT Program and FIT Program:
February 28, 2018 - Letter of Intent to Attend Due (Instructions in Application)
March 31, 2018 - Application to Attend Due

Research and Scholarship Certificate Program:
Contact Dr. Sara Brouse for more information on deadline


updated 12/1/17