TTUHSC School of Pharmacy



Lynn Finkenbinder

Office of Sciences
TTUHSC School of Pharmacy
1406 Coulter, ARB #2103
Amarillo, Texas 79106
(806) 414-9201


  1. Promote and facilitate both clinical and basic science research for the School of Pharmacy in conjunction with School of Medicine, School of Nursing, School of Allied Health and other health professionals.
  2. Liaison between faculty of the School of Pharmacy and potential collaborators within and outside the TTUHSC.
  3. Represent the Office of the Associate Dean for Research, School of Pharmacy.
  4. Advise on any policies, procedure and regulations that pertain to research; provide data, when requested, on current, pending and projected state and federal health legislation.
  5. Provide information to the faculty on sources of grant funding and new research initiatives through federal, state, and private sector organizations/agencies, and TTUHSC (center of excellence, Aging & Women's Health Initiative), and assist them in the application process.
  6. Act as a liaison for student research scholarship applicants on behalf of the Office of Research; assist in the application procedures and liaison with the funding agency on behalf of the students.
  7. Maintain and document records and statistics on applications and research funding performed by faculty, residents and students of the School of Pharmacy.
  8. Develop a working relationship with the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and the Office of Sponsored Programs and assist the faculty in the protocol/grant submission process.
  9. Assist in the transfer of grants from outside institutions for all new faculty.
  10. Assist in negotiations for corporate contracts.
  11. Administer the Marsh Endowed Lectureship.
  12. Administer Annual Research Day events at the School of Pharmacy.
  13. Administer the monthly Research Seminar Series.
  14. Administer the internal grant program at the School of Pharmacy (Equipment Grant Program, Research Centers Initiative, Seed Grant Program), including revising guidelines and forms, organizing, securing reviewers, contacting applicants, coordinating with the Financial Department, and monitoring spending within the approved budget.
  15. Inform prospective faculty of the services of the Office of the Associate Dean for Research during candidate interviews.
  16. Administer the Faculty Research Incentive program.
  17. Administer research grant consultation service.