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Quality Service Award Recipients

The Quality Service Award Program was implemented in 1996 to recognize individual staff members that continually go above and beyond our SERVICEplus philosophy.

In May, 30 individuals amongst all campuses were awarded for their exemplary service to the institution. Two recipients received a Chancellor's Award of Excellence.

  Congratulations to the 2009 Quality Service Award Recipients

Budget Office Team - Lubbock: Lesley Wilmeth, Amelia Prieto, Leticia Almaguer, Crystal Davis, Sheralyn Mathison, Penny Harkey, Jim Gross and Gina Stockman  

Amy Jo Smith - SOAHS - Lubbock

Angie Newsome - Information Services - Lubbock


Carlota Reigner - SOAHS - Lubbock


Jose-Luis Redondo - SOM - Lubbock


Michael Burns - SOM - Lubbock



Chancellor's Award of Excellence
Nora Condray
SOM - Lubbock


                                                                  Amarillo QSA Recipients

Cheryl Adams, Billing; Blanca Gallardo, Family and Community Medicine; Paige Kindle, Pediatrics; Jesus Hernandez, Facilities Operations and Maintenance; Christina Salzmann, OB/GYN; Candyce Bourque, Safety Services and Chancellor's Award of Excellence recipient Jackie Hammett, Office of the Regional Dean

                                                                     Odessa QSA Recipients



                                                 Elisa Gonzalez - Internal Medicine - Odessa


                                                   Lori Tarin - Clinical Operations - Odessa

                                                        El Paso QSA Recipients


      Alma Melendez, Fiscal Affairs - El Paso