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To be considered for the Quality Service Award at TTUHSC, nominees must meet the specific criteria. (Refer to OP 70.50 for additional information.) Upon submission of the nomination, Human Resources and HSC Relations personnel will verify whether the nominee meets these criteria.

  • Nominee has been continously employed as benefits-eligible staff for two years or more.
  • Nominee has completed SERVICEplus class as of September 1 or current fiscal year.
  • Nominee must have a current positive performance evaluation on file in Human Resources.
  • All individuals in a nominated team must meet basic eligibility requirements.
  • Individual and team nominees must not have received the award in the previous three years.

Note: Each session on the web page expires after 20 minutes. The Nomination interface has a text area for entering how the nominee exceeds expectations in his/her job (Please do not descibe how the nominee meets basic expectations, such as smiling or being nice. Describe what makes the nominee extraordinary. If a nominee is expected to respond to calls after hours as part of his/her regularly assigned duties, then that is NOT an appropriate example of how he/she goes above and beyond the call of duty.)

If you feel that you will be typing more than that time in the text box describing why you are nominating this person or people, please compose it using a software tool such as notepad, word etc. earlier.