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Star Spangled Double T

We Will Never Forget

Star Spangled Double T

Americans will never forget September 11. As each of us mourned for our country and lost fellow Americans, an Health Professions student at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center - Kate Baldocchi - found a unique, positive outlet for her grief. Kat captured her personal emotions in a sketch combining the American flag and the Double T, which soon came to be known as the Star Spangled Double T. The design has inspired the manufacture of lapel pins, decals, T-shirts, teddy bears, and a beautiful ornament.

Proceeds from sales of these commemorative pieces by the Student Senate have been donated to the TTUHSC student scholarship fund. During the first year of sales, more than $50,000 was raised for scholarships.

You may contact HSC Student Services for ordering information. You can also download the Star Spangled Double T Memorabilia order form.

Thank you for helping sustain the scholarship momentum that this student tribute has made possible.

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