TTUHSC Research

The following faculty have expressed an interest in talking with students interested in research:

Artigas, Pablo

Banister, Ron

Bell, Todd

Bradley, Jay

Cordero, Joehassin

Dentino, Andrew

Deriese, Cornelia

Filleur, Stephanie

Guan, Lan

Hamood, Abdul

Horvath, Judith

Kruman, Inna

Lockman, Paul

Lyte, Mark

Momeni, Parastoo

Nugent, Kenneth

Obryant, Sid

Perez-Zoghbi, Jose

Reuss, Luis

Richey, Harvey

Schneider, Brandt

Spellman, Craig

Srivastava, Sanjay

Syapin, Peter

Tamar, Kyron

Wang, Minghai

Whitham, John

Woolard, Robert