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TTUHSC Image Analysis Core Facility


The TTUHSC Imaging Center provides state-of-the-art instrumentation for high-resolution light microscopic imaging.  Expertise and advice is available for the design of experiments involving these techniques; and for the development of grants and manuscripts involving high-resolution light microscopic technologies. 

Services and Available Equipment

The imaging facility has a IVIS Lumina XR from the Caliper Life Sciences for real time tracking of cells expressing bioluminescent or fluorescent proteins simultaneously with X-ray digital imaging technology for living mice.  We also have two fully equipped laser scanning confocal microscopes.  One of these confocal microscopes is a newly acquired Nikon Ti-E microscope with A1 confocal and STORM super resolution.  The other is a Zeiss LSM 510/Meta confocal system attached to both inverted and upright microscopes.  The Nikon system is equipped to perform spectral imaging experiments, TIRF and FRAP.  A high temporal and spatial resolution EMCCD camera is attached to this system.  The microscope is also equipped with a stage-top environmental chamber in which precision temperature incubations can be performed.  In addition, we also have upright and inverted fluorescence microscopes attached to a CCD camera for routine observation of stained (fluorescence) or unstained (Differential Interference Contrast, DIC) specimens.  Additional equipment available in the Image Analysis Core Facility include a Meso Scale Discover Sector Imager that uses multi-array approaches enabling the detection of bio-markers in single and multiplex formats and a Typhoon FLA 9000 Bio-molecular Imager to image and quantify proteins, nucleic acids, and other molecules using filmless autoradiography, fluorescence, chemifluorescence, and gel documentation.  Click here for photos of equipment.  Click here for description of equipment.

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Contact Information

Ms. Dertien is the co-director of the TTUHSC Core Laboratories, supervisor of the Imaging Core Laboratory, and is associated with the Department of Pharmacology and Neuroscience. 

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Image Analysis Core Facility phone - (806)743-4624