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Human Research Protection Program

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Administered through the TTUHSC Research Integrity office, TTUHSC IRBs review research involving human subjects. All human research studies are reviewed by the IRB before they begin and at least once annually to evaluate risks to subjects and compliance with federal regulations and institutional policies.

TTUHSC has a Federal-Wide Assurance (FWA) # 00006767 with the Department of Health and Human Services to protect the rights and welfare of participants involved in research affiliated with this institution.

Two TTUHSC IRBs serve three campuses. For contact information, board membership, and submission deadlines select your campus below.

Lubbock / Odessa (IRB # 1 - 00000096)

Amarillo (IRB # 2 - 00000097)

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Human Research Protection Program Manual

Human Research Protection Program Manual

 Revised 8/6/2015 - Summary of Revisions

Information for TTUHSC at El Paso

El Paso (IRB # 1 - 00009945)

El Paso (IRB # 2 - 00009946)

NOTE:  If conducting human research at UMC or at any of the El Paso County Hospital District (EPCHD) facilities please read the following:

Do you plan on conducting a research study that involves human subjects at an El Paso County Hospital District (EPCHD) facility (University Medical Center of El Paso (UMC EP) or any of the hospital district outpatient clinics) or that utilizes EPCHD services and/or resources in the conduct of research?  If so, please take the following into consideration: 1)  In addition to TTUHSC IRB approval of the study, approval from UMC EP Research Compliance is required. It is your responsibility to contact UMC EP and request this approval prior to initiating the study or requesting study related services/resources from an EPCHD facility.  2)  Per the Research Agreement between TTUHSC and EPCHD, there are various fees that will be charged by EPCHD facilities for research related services provided in the support of TTUHSC research studies.  The attached documents outline fees associated with industry sponsored studies that are not investigator initiated and studies that are funded by other sources (departmental, grant, etc.) 3)  If your study requires billable services from an EPCHD facility, you should contact the UMC EP Compliance Research Manager for a quote.  While the quoted fees will remain in affect for the duration of the study, they may not be applicable to other studies as pricing does change. Please do not take it for granted that pricing provided for one study can be used when negotiating contracts for another study.

Contact information for the UMC EP Compliance Research Manager is as follows:             

Dani Joyner, BS, CHRC, Research Manager    
915.544.1200 ext. 1394 -