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iRIS Research Software

iRIS is an electronic web-based research software that facilitates IRB and IACUC submissions and management of human subjects research protocols. Use of iRIS is mandated for all IRB and IACUC submissions.

If you need iRIS access, you may request an account from the login screen.

REMINDER: There are frequent changes to the iRIS announcement page. This page should be checked regularly.

Printable versions of all submission forms are now available. These documents can be located by clicking on My Assistant, then Operating Procedures. These documents ARE NOT valid for submission to any Review Board. They are provided only as a reference. All submissions to the IRB and IACUC must be made electronically via the iRIS system.

If you have any questions regarding these forms, please contact your Review Board Administrator.

Contacts for questions:

iRIS Administrator
Mary E. Welch
(806) 743-2967