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November 18, 2014                                                                        Holly

Dear Colleagues,

I’m happy to be writing again to update you on our progress in research.  As we come into the holiday season, we also mark the end of the first year of an extensive and faculty-driven strategic planning process in which many of you participated.  We have seen a great deal of progress.

I have posted an early draft of the Executive Summary of our Strategic Planning process—and our initial progress here.    Please look at it; I welcome your comments to help us finalize it.

Our first year has been spent providing training opportunities in grant writing, compliance, intellectual property, how to approach local foundations and otherwise.  All the videos are archived here, if you missed anything. 

We have also worked on technical issues needed to facilitate research. The Parking Offices provide reciprocity in TTU-TTUHSC parking.  Safety now allows TTU Safety training for students that work at TTUHSC, so that they don’t have to re-train here.  We are working with Purchasing, Accounting and Finance to better accommodate research needs.   We are discussing a “research officer” in the development office.

We are starting to see the impact of our work in a number of metrics; faculty grant submission is up 10% in numbers of submissions and over 30% in dollars requested.  We expect this will be reflected in increased funding in 2015.

Fiscal Year

Number of Grant Submissions

Budget Period 1

Total Requested

Project Total Requested

FY 2013


$                 49,038,891

$              133,920,193

FY 2014


$                 64,284,774

$              176,924,071

 The details of some of the activities for the second year are contained in the plan, but I want to provide more detail on a few things that will occur early in the new calendar year.

1.  A plan to incentivize graduate students to seek funding will start in early 2015 and a draft preview is here.  We hope that faculty will help promote this plan and assist in the mentoring of students in this direction.  A new website for students that identifies sources for funding is coming.    It is similar to the internal sites for faculty on non-federal funding and pharmaceutical company funding.

2.  We have revitalized the Core facilities and appointed new directors who will be updating the relevant websites and providing seminars on what is available and how it can aid your research program.  The charges are unchanged—free for TTUHSC faculty!  If you want to see what is there, check out the updated websites; this is a world-class facility

If you want to see the cores up-close, please stop by the Cores for either of the two open houses, December 10 between 10:00-11:30 am and a second one on December 17 between 2:00 and 3:30 pm

In the meantime, if you want to get in touch with the new Core Directors, Janet Dertien and Petar Grozdanov, here are the new email addresses, and  Look for seminars on the equipment and its use after the New Year.

3.  The strategic planning committees felt that new faculty mentoring is best done at the Department level—and I agree—but we will be hosting events for new faculty and faculty newly engaged in research, with a view toward new faculty meeting across Departments and understanding the resources available in our office. 

4.  We are working on a program to bring European scientists here on a post-retirement sabbatical.  In many European countries, retirement is compulsory at 65 years of age and we hope to bring some individuals to Lubbock that can catalyze our research programs.  If you have suggestions or would like to participate in this activity, please let me know.

That is a taste—I will be back in touch with more details early next year.  It is going to be a busy year.  I want to thank you for your support and productivity and continue to invite input from all the research community.  Nominations are also welcome for next year’s Presidential Lecture.  All good wishes for the holidays. 



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