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TTUHSC Research Progress Update


January 1, 2015                                                                                           2015

Dear Colleagues,

Good New Year wishes.  TTUHSC Research finished the year in great form.  Two new CPRIT awards were announced and two graduate students received fellowship awards from the American Heart Association.  Another student received a major funding award from the Society of Toxicology.  You can read about this—and other grant awards-- here: .  

Great accomplishments!

Further evidence of research growth at TTUHSC is easy to see; here is how the grant awards are compared with last calendar year:

Calendar Year

Number of NEW Research grants awarded to TTUHSC

Total Award Amount



$             3,315,730.00



$             5,485,485.50

HELP WANTED- call for volunteers: Research growth requires oversight and faculty guidance.  If you want to participate in the ongoing research planning and growth, a great way to do it is to serve on one of the new research implementation committees.  Last year was all about planning; this year, implementation.  We want all schools and all campuses represented. 

Among these committees are the:

Global Scholar Committee- we will be developing the guidelines and identifying individuals to bring to Lubbock on sabbatical. 

Translational Research Committee- a group with the mission of building translational research

Development and Media Committees—Development is assigning a development officer to Research; Media will be focusing more on us.  We need faculty interactions with these important offices.

Or, you could nominate a Presidential Lecturer for 2015.

Any of this is as simple as an email to: .  Write now.

We are also focusing on ways to make our faculty more prominent, so if you see opportunities for faculty to be nominated for awards, study sections and journal editorial board, please speak up.

You may have seen the girders for the TTU research building for the new science park—if you want to see what it will look like completed click here.

I’m pleased to welcome Shelley Stevens who will be joining the Research Office as our new Executive Administrative Associate.  Stop in and say hello. 

Good wishes for the New Year. 


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