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Center for Rehabilitation Research


The Center for Rehabilitation Research (CRR) is dedicated to improving the lives of people who have functional limitations caused by physical impairments. The CRR conducts research that emphasizes improving quality of life by preventing musculoskeletal disorders and restoring function. The CRR was established in 2002, is embedded within the School of Allied Health Sciences, and is administered through the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

The mission of the CRR is to foster intellectual development and enhance health and well-being by conducting clinical rehabilitation research, mentoring students in clinical rehabilitation research, and providing clinical rehabilitation assessment services to the community.

The CRR consists of six core faculty members and two staff members from the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, four clinical research laboratories, and a multipurpose conference room / patient reception area. Faculty of the CRR conduct research designed to advance knowledge that will support and inform the evidence-based clinical practices used within physical rehabilitation professions, such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, and athletic training. Faculty members of the CRR also collaborate with other faculty and students from TTUHSC, TTU, and researchers and clinicians from around the world.


C. Roger James, Ph.D., FACSM (Director)

Professor and Director, Center for Rehabilitation Research

Program Director, PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences Program

phone: (806) 743-4525 (Lubbock)


Jean-Michel Brismee, Sc.D., PT, OCS, FAAOMPT

Associate Professor (ScD Faculty)

phone: (806) 743-2187 (Lubbock)


Kerry K. Gilbert, Sc.D., PT, COMT

Associate Professor and Program Director, DPT Program

phone: (806) 743-4525 (Lubbock)


Steven Sawyer, Ph.D., PT

Professor and Chair of Rehabilitation Sciences

phone: (806) 743-3226 (Lubbock)


Dawndra Meers Scott, PhD, OTR

Assistant Professor and Program Director, MOT Program

phone: (806)-743-3240


Phillip S. Sizer, Jr., Ph.D., P.T., OCS, MOMT, FAAOMPT

Professor and Program Director, ScD PT Program

phone: (806) 743-2187 (Lubbock)



Michelle Broselow

Unit Manager

phone: (806) 743-3226


Renee’ Lemons

Coordinator of Faculty Support

phone: (806) 743-2187 (Lubbock)


Research Laboratories

The CRR laboratories are located on the third floor of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center building in Lubbock, Texas. The conference room / patient reception area is the main entrance (room 3C145). The research laboratories are:

  • Clinical Anatomy Research Laboratory
  • Clinical Biomechanics Research Laboratory
  • Clinical Musculoskeletal Research Laboratory
  • Clinical Postural Control Research Laboratory


Faculty members of the CRR are involved in several areas of research designed to improve the understanding of functional physical impairments, their prevention, and rehabilitation. Research interests of the faculty include:

  • Anatomical aspects of various musculoskeletal disorders
  • Balance, falls, postural control, and vestibular disorders
  • Clinical interventions for improving gait and balance
  • Clinical outcomes in orthopedic manual therapy
  • Lower extremity injury mechanisms and prevention during physical activity
  • Neural dynamics
  • Validity and reliability of orthopedic clinical testing

Research Mentoring

Faculty members of the CRR work with graduate students from a variety of programs at TTUHSC and TTU. We mentor doctoral (PhD, ScD, DPT) and master’s (MS, MAT, MOT) students. Additionally we partner with the new PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences program offered by the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences.

Services to the Community

Clinical Services

The CRR currently offers balance assessment and gait analysis services. Individuals seeking clinical services are typically referred to the CRR for testing by their physician or treating clinician. Individuals seeking services but who do not have a referral can make cash payment for services at the time of testing.

Contract Services

We welcome inquires about contract testing services that we can provide. We have the capability of offering several forms of biomechanical, musculoskeletal, neurological, and physiological testing.

CRR Contact Information

Mailing Address:

Center for Rehabilitation Research
3601 4th Street, MS 6223
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Lubbock, TX 79430-6223

Campus Physical Address:

TTUHSC Building
Room 3C145

Phone: (806) 743-4524 (Director’s faculty office)
            (806) 743-3251 (Research Labs)

Fax:     (806) 743-2189