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Speech Language & Hearing Sciences


The following prerequisite courses are necessary for applying to the Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Undergraduate Program:


      -Technical Writing is required

9 hours

      -Statistics is required

6 hours
Natural Sciences

     At least one course in biological/life science (i.e. biology or human anatomy and physiology) and one in physical science (i.e. physics or chemistry) are required.

6-8 hours
Humanities/Language, Philosophy, and Culture 3 hours
Visual & Performing Arts/ Creative Arts 3 hours
Social and Behavioral Sciences

     U.S. History - 6 hours

     Political Science - 6 hours

     Individual or Group Behavior - 12 hours (Recommended course: COMS 2350 Introduction to Communication Disorders)

24 hours
Multicultural 3 hours
General Electives Variable hours
Minimum Total Prerequisites 66 hours