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Ericka Hendrix M.S. CLSp (MB)

Instructor and Clinical Coordinator


  • 1997 B.S. Biology, minor in Chemistry and German- Texas Tech University-Lubbock, TX
  • 2003 M.S. Molecular Pathology- Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center- Lubbock, TX


Examination of the relative expression of genes believed to be differentially expressed in rats with diabetic nephropathy; in collaboration with K. Wyatt MacMahon, Ph.D. in internal medicine.


“Designing  a 21st Century Molecular Pathology Degree Program”
Ericka Hendrix, Lori Rice-Spearman, and Tootie Tatum
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Allied Health Sciences

Presented at CLEC, 2008 and TACLS 2008

Tatum T, Hendrix E, (2006) “Training Technologists for the Genomic Age”

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