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Athletic Training

The Master of Athletic Training (MAT) program is located in the School of Allied Health Sciences and the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences on the Lubbock Campus.

The TTUHSC MAT program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE), 2201 Double Creek Drive, Suite 5006, Round Rock, TX 78664, (

The MAT curriculum exceeds the entry-level standards expected of students entering the athletic training profession. It is our goal to provide the very best environment and experience to our students, enabling them to become competent, confident, and enthusiastic members of the athletic training profession.

The MAT program is a 59-semester credit hour entry-level program over the course of two years. The program is designed to prepare students to meet National and State requirements to practice athletic training.

After graduating from the MAT program students must pass the Board of Certification, Inc. (BOC) exam and/or meet the requirements of individual states, to practice athletic training. Additional credentialing requirements for athletic training vary from state to state according to athletic training practice acts and state regulations that govern athletic training. A FELONY OR MISDMEANOR CONVICTION MAY AFFECT A GRADUATE’S ABILITY TO SIT FOR THE BOC EXAMINATION OR ATTAIN STATE LICENSURE.

Students in the MAT program come from a variety of backgrounds and educational experiences. We have students from all over the United States and International students.

The program provides students exposure to a variety of learning environments and experiences. Including:
  • traditional classroom work
  • laboratory time to practice learned skills
  • clinical exposure to integrate classroom and lab work into practice, and
  • experience conducting research.

Please contact our Office of Admissions and Student Affairs at or call 806-743-3220 for information regarding the MAT program.

BOC Exam Pass Rate

BOC Exam Year*MAT May Graduation YearNumber of GraduatesNumber of Graduates taking BOC ExamNumber of Graduates pass on first attemptFirst attempt pass rate on BOC examOverall pass rateNational Data (first time pass rate)
2012-13 2012 18 18 18 100% 100% 80.8%
2011-12 2011 20 20 20 100% 100% 82.3%
2010-11 2010 23 23 21 91.3% 100% 60.7%
2009-10 2009 20 18 15 83% 100% 43.3%
2008-09 2008 22 22 22 100% 100% 51.5%
2007-08 2007 20 17 13 76% 100% 39.1%
Three Year Aggregate First-Time Pass Rate = 96.7.0% (MAT Class of 2010, 2011, 2012)

 Mean First-Time Pass Rate since single exam administered by BOC = 92.4% (MAT Class of 2007-present)

Mean First-Time Pass Rate for Program History = 84.4% (MAT Class of 2004-present)

*MAT students graduate in May each year. Graduates are eligible to begin taking the Board of Certification, Inc. (BOC) exam during the testing window nearest graduation. This BOC 2-week window is typically in April. National Data for the BOC exam are not reported until 1 year after the MAT students have graduated (e.g. Graduate May 2012, BOC data available May 2013).