TTUHSC School of Allied Health Sciences

Rehabilitation Counseling


Admission Procedures

Application materials can be obtained from the Office of Admissions and Student Affairs and web site Each completed application for admission is reviewed for the following: (1) A signed application form, (2) the (non refundable) $40 application fee, (3) the applicant’s essay, (4) current resume, (5) two recommendation forms or letters of reference, (6) the Oath of Residency, (7) optional demographic form, the (8) official undergraduate transcripts.

Applications for degree seeking students must be submitted by June 1 for the Fall Semester and October 1 for the Spring Semester.

Individuals applying for the Master of Rehabilitation Counseling (MRC) degree program should already hold a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university preferably in a related area such as psychology, sociology, occupational therapy, social work, special education or nursing. To be considered for admission, an overall grade point average of 2.7 on a 4.0 scale is required. Provisional admission may be offered to applicants with a GPA of less than 2.7 under special circumstances. Such applications will be reviewed on an individual basis. Prior work experience, paid or voluntary, in human service settings will normally be expected. Persons applying with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply. No GRE or GMAT is required for admittance to this program in accordance with TTUHSC policy. A TOEFL examination score of 550 is required for Non-English speakers.

Student Selection Criteria

The applications for admission to the rehabilitation counseling program are reviewed and rank ordered according to:

  • academic performance
  • career goals
  • previous work or volunteer experience to the field
  • unique individual contributions to the field
  • writing skills
  • computer literacy

The faculty admissions committee selects the top applicants and rank orders them according to the selection criteria. Selected applicants are contacted for a telephone interview. Recommendations for admission are made to the Dean of the School of Allied Health Sciences.

Acceptance of Transferred Coursework for Credit

Students may petition for transfer of graduate credit from another graduate school. Credit may be transferred only for courses in which the student received a grade of A or B. Credit from an S grade may be transferred only if that school regarded the grade as a B or better. Only students with regular admission status may request transfer of credit. To request transfer of credit students must first contact their advisor. The program may accept up to, but not exceed 9 credit hours of credit from another graduate program. Course content, level of instruction and assignments are evaluated to determine equivalency. It is preferred the graduate program credit is earned in a CORE accredited program, however it is not required. No credit is awarded for experiential learning.