TTUHSC School of Allied Health Sciences

Molecular Pathology


Summer Semester Credit Hours
AHMP 5406 Molecular Biology of the Cell 4 hours
AHMP 5400 Research Design and Statistical Analysis 4 hours
AHMP 5100  Issues in Molecular Pathology 1 hours
Total Hours 9 hours
Fall Semester Credit Hours
AHMP 5405 Applied Molecular Techniques I 4 hours
AHMP 5407 Pathophysiology (Online) 4 hours
AHMP 5309 Human Molecular Genetics (Online) 3 hours
AHMP 5741 Graduate Research (Online) 7 hours
Total Hours 18 hours
Spring Semester Credit Hours
AHMP 5408 Applied Molecular Techniques II 4 hours
AHMP 5301 Management of the Molecular Laboratory (Online) 3 hours
AHMP 5102 Graduate Seminar (Online) 1 hours
AHMP 5742 Clinical Preceptorship 7 hours
Total Hours 15 hours
TOTAL 42 hours
A student must have the permission of the program director to be concurrently enrolled in another university while a student at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.