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Student Senate By-Laws

Representation is based on current enrollment.

Section I: Representation

A. Lubbock

Athletic Training 1
Communication Disorders  5
Physical Therapy 3
Occupational Therapy 2
Pharmacy 2
Medicine 10
Nursing 12
Nursing Grads 2
Clinical Lab Science 2

B. Regional Campuses (Ex-Officio)

  1. Amarillo (1)
    a. Amarillo HSC Student Senate President
  2. El Paso (1)
    a. School of Medicine
  3. Odessa (2)
    a. School of Health Professions (1)
    b. School of Nursing (1)
  4. Midland (1)
    a. School of Physicians Assistants(1)

Section II: Responsibilities of Senators

A. To serve as a liaison between the Senate and the Student Body

      1. Mandatory attendance at each bimonthly meeting, as mandated in Section IV of the By-Laws. In the event a Senate member must miss a
          meeting, he/she must inform the Secretary and confirm that the alternate Senator of his or her respective class attends that meeting. 

       2. Mandatory attendance for at least two community service events per semester and ALL Senate sponsored events. 


Section III. Election Procedures

A. School Breakdown

MAT 1 Senator + 1 Alternate
Junior CD 1 Senator + 1 Alternate
Senior CD 1 Senator + 1 Alternate
CD 1G 1 Senator + 1 Alternate
CD 2G 1 Senator + 1 Alternate
CD AudD 1 Senator + 1 Alternate
MOT 1 1 Senator + 1 Alternate
MOT 2 1 Senator + 1 Alternate
DPT 1 2 Senators + 1 Alternate
DPT 2 1 Senator + 1 Alternate
Pharmacy 2 Senators + 1 Alternate
GSBS 2 Senators + 1 Alternate
MS 1 5 Senators + 1 Alternate
MS 2 5 Senators + 1 Alternate
Junior SON 6 Senators + 1 Alternate
Senior SON 6 Senators + 1 Alternate
Grad SON 2 Senators + 1 Alternate
Junior CLS 1 Senator + 1 Alternate
Senior CLS 1 Senator + 1 Alternate

B. In case of a tie, a run-off should be conducted. 

C. April elections will be held at a time designated by the elections chair. 

D. Newly elected Executive Officers will be inducted at the TTUHSC Student Senate Awards and Installation Banquet on the last Friday in


Section IV: Attendance Policy

A. Senators will be allowed two total unexcused absences per year. to include Senate and committee meetings. 

B. Following the second absence, the Senator will be notified in writing by the Senate Secretary. 

C. Upon the third absence, the Senator will meet with the executive officers to determine appropriate action. 

D. The attendance policy may be waived, by discretion of the President, for Senators with special professional commitments.