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Got questions about the whole residency thing?
                Wonder how competitive different specialties are?
                                Curious about what program directors are looking for?
Click on the "FAQ" under each speciality - residency directors and other faculty from our departments have answered some common questions that students have.  If you'd like more information or would like to set up an appointment to meet with one of these residency advisors, just click on their names to send them an e-mail.
Faculty Residency Advisors
Anesthesiology FAQ

  John Hall, MD

Dermatology FAQ


                                               Jennifer Smith, MD      Cloyce Stetson, MD     Michael Wells, MD

Family Medicine FAQ


                                                                Kelly Bennett, MD            Ron Cook, DO                  


                                                                Kit Linton, MD                   Fiona Prabhu, MD                                   

Internal Medicine FAQ


                                                          Cindy Jumper, MD         Ken Nugent, MD      


                                                            Michael Phy, DO



                                                              Carol Felton, MD            Robert Casanova, MD 

Ophthalmology FAQ


                                                Kenn Freedman, MD       Kelly Mitchell, MD

Orthopaedic FAQ


                                                            George Brindley, MD       J Speight Grimes, MD      Rick Pfeiffer, MD



                                                                Surendra Varma, MD       Robby Scott, MD                  

Surgery FAQ


                                                                Ari Halldorsson, MD            John Marchbanks, MD   



                                                                John Vordermark, MD