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Immunization Requirements

The Association of American Medical Colleges states that all students should be immunized against a number of infectious diseases for their own safety and well as for the safety of others. All matriculating Texas Tech School of Medicine students must be compliant with the schools immunization requirements in order to register for classes. You will not be allowed to register for classes until appropriate documentation for the required immunizations has been received by the Office of Student Affairs and Medical Education. EXCEPTION: Some students may choose to have the Varicella, Rubella, and Rubeola titers completed at TTUHSC. Additionally, some students may not have time to complete the required Hepatitis B series before the start of Fall semester. The first two doses must be received prior to the start of Fall semester. Outstanding titers and the Hepatitis B series must be completed prior to December 1 of the entering semester.

  • Tetanus/Diphtheria: Primary series of tetanus immunizations, plus Tetanus/Diphtheria booster within 10 years of matriculation.
  • Measles (Rubeola): Proof of immunity as determined by serologic titer.
  • Rubella: Proof of immunity as determined by serologic titer.
  • Varicella (chicken pox): Proof of immunity as determined by serologic titer.
  • These titers are performed on a blood sample to determine your immune status. These 3 titers may be obtained through TTUHSC. Call the Office of Student Affairs and Medical Education (806)743-3005 for details.
  • Mumps: Proof of immunity as determined by serologic titer OR physician documented disease OR vaccination.
  • Tuberculosis: PPD within 12 months of matriculation. If you have ever tested positive, you must provide the results of a chest X-ray.
  • Polio: Basic series of oral or inactivated polio immunization.
  • Hepatitis B: Series of 3; initial dose, second dose 1 month after initial, third dose 5 months after second dose OR serologic proof of immunity after Hepatitis B infection. The third dose must be received no later than December 1 of the entering semester. Students who decline to be vaccinated will be required to sign a formal waiver at orientation.

It is also recommended that students in Years 3 and 4 receive an annual immunization against influenza. Flu shots are available to all students through the Family Medicine Department for a fee.

Original documents or copies of documents may be submitted. We strongly recommend that students keep copies for their own records. Please submit documentation materials to:

Texas Tech School of Medicine
Office of Student Affairs STOP6222
3601 4th Street
Lubbock, TX 79430
ATTN: Kim Johnson

Computer Requirements:

NEW as of June 7, 2005

Beginning with the class entering in August 2004, all TTUHSC School of Medicine students are required to have laptop computers. Additional money can be added into student loan budgets to support the purchase of computers. In addition, TTUHSC has teamed up with Dell to provide you with special discounts and offers not available to the general public. Please refer to the letter that has been sent to you listing the Dell website and passwords this will give you access to these special discounts.

In addition, please make sure to install on your computer the McAfee Anit-Virus information that was sent to you in your letter regarding computer information. Sorry, the Office of Student Affairs and Medical Education is unable to answer techincal questions regarding computer information. If you have questions please contact the TTUHSC Information Technology department for assistance at (806)743-2875 or email at IT Help Desk.

Health Insurance Requirements

All students at Texas Tech School of Medicine are required to carry personal health insurance at all times. Our clinical affiliates as well as those at other medical schools reserve the right to require proof of coverage on demand and to exclude individuals without current insurance coverage from rotations.

Health Insurance is NOT provided by the school. Students are encouraged to shop around for the health insurance that is best suited to their personal situations. The HSC Office of Student Services will present information at MSI orientation about several insurance plans available to students.

Book List Fall 2005

The following list is books that you will be needing for your first semester as a medical student. These books can be obtained from a variety of sources including the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Bookstore, 2A206 HSC, (806)743-4338.

    The following books are REQUIRED:
  • Stedman's Medical Dictionary, 27th ed., ISBN:0-683-40007-X, Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
  • Bates' Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking, 8th Edition, Author: Bickley, Lynn, ISBN: 0-7817-5948-X, Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
  • Robbins & Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease, Author: Vinay Kumar, Abul K. Abbas, Nelson Fausto, ISBN: 0721601871, Publisher: Saunders
  • Thompson & Thompson Genetics in medicine, 6th Edition, Author: Robert L. Nussbaum, Roderick R. McInnes, Huntington F. Willard, ISBN: 0721602444, Publisher: Saunders
  • Clinically Oriented Anatomy, 5th Edition, Author: Moore, ISBN: 0-7817-3639-0, Publisher: Williams and Wilkins
  • Essentials of Human Embryology, Author: Larsen, ISBN: 0-443-07514-X, Publisher: Churchill-Livingstone
  • Color Textbook of Histology, 2nd Edition, Author: Gartner, Hiatt, ISBN: 0-7216-8806-3, Publisher: Harcourt Brace & Co.
  • Principles of Medical Biochemistry, Author: Meisenberg & Simmons, ISBN: 0-815-14410-5, Publisher: Mosby, Inc.
  • Cardiovascular Physiology, 8th Ed., Author, Robert M. Berne and Matthew N. Levy, ISBN:0-323-01127-6, Publisher, Mosby Physiology Monograph Series
  • Respiratory Physiology, The Essentials, 7th Ed., Author: John B. West, ISBN: 0-7817-5152-7, Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
  • Renal Physiology, 3rd Ed., Author: Bruce M. Koeppen and Bruce A. Stanton, ISBN: 0-323-01242-6, Publisher: Mosby Physiology Monograph Series
  • Gastrointestinal Physiology, 6th Ed., Author: Leonard R. Johnson, ISBN:0-323-01239-6, Publisher: Mosby Physiology Monograph Series
  • Medical Nutrition & Disease: A Case-Based Approach, Author: Lisa Hark, Gail Morrison, ISBN: 0632046589, Publisher: Blackwell
  • Endocrine Physiology, 2nd Ed., Author: Susan P. Porterfield, ISBN: 0-323-01128-4, Publisher: Mosby Physiology Monograph Series

  • And any ONE of the following is REQUIRED:
  • Grant's Atlas, 11th Ed., Author: Rohen et al, ISBN: 0-7817-4256-0, Publisher: Williams and Wilkins
  • Atlas of Human Anatomy, 3rd Ed., Author: Netter, ISBN: 0-929-00711-6, Publisher: Novartis-Icon Learning Systems
  • Color Atlas of Anatomy, 5th Ed., Author: Rohen et al, ISBN: 0-7817-3194-1, Publisher: Williams and Wilkins

  • The following books are RECOMMENDED:
  • Wheater's Funcional Histology, 4th Ed., Author: Young & Hiese, ISBN: 0-443-05612-9, Publisher: Harcourt Brace & Co.
  • Biochemistry: Mosby's Rapid Review Series, Author: J.W. Pelley and Goljan, ISBN: 0-323-00835-6, Publisher: Mosby, 2003

  • This book is OPTIONAL:
  • Grant's Dissector, 13th Ed., Author: Grant, ISBN: 0-7817-5484-4, Publisher: Williams and Wilkins
Textbooks that are bolded have been added since the list sent to you on May 2, 2005