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Joint Admission Medical Program (JAMP)

Making Medical School Affordable for Texans

The Joint Admission Medical Program (JAMP), state-wide, long-term pre-medical academy designed for competitive students with aspirations of one day becoming a physician. Specifically, The program was initiated by Senate Bill 940 of the 77th Texas Legislature to:

Why JAMP for the pursuit to medical school?

Applying to JAMP

The JAMP application and its respective details are maintained by the main office in Austin, Texas. Please visit the following site for more detailed information on applying to JAMP.

Participating Undergraduate Institutions

For a listing of all the participating undergraduate public and private universities:

Participating Medical Schools

Texas Tech University HSC School of Medicine is an active participant in the JAMP program. All medical schools in Texas participate in the JAMP.

For questions about JAMP at Texas Tech HSC SOM, please contact:
Linda Prado
Director of Admissions, School of Medicine

For a listing or participating medical schools and their respective contacts:

Brief Legislative History of JAMP

SENATE BILL 940 - 77th Legislature

SENATE BILL 1128 - 78th Legislature

SENATE BILL 1247 - 79th Legislature

SENATE BILL 1601 - 80th Legislature

JAMP Descriptive Statistics

Program Acceptance Data on Initial 5 Classes Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
Men 31% 35% 33% 29%
Women 69% 65% 67% 71%
Number of Institutions w/ participating students 30 36 30 31
Public Schools 22 28 27 25
Private Schools / Independent 8 8 3 6

Medical School Match Data (2006 - 2008) EY 2006 EY 2007 EY 2008
Men 15 17 22
Women 19 28 20
Number of Institutions w/ participating students 18 28 18
Public Schools 12 21 18
Private Schools / Independent 6 7 0

Applicant Data for Applicants Applying in 2007 (as of 03/07/08)
Applications Submitted 232
Applicants Interviewed 142
Applicants Selected 96
Alternates Selected 1