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Flexible Requirements

TTUHSC SOM Admissions Brochure

Prerequisite Courses Share

Current Prerequisite Course Requirements
Courses Hours
General Biology or Zoology 6
Upper Division Biology 6
Biology Labs 2
General Chemistry 6
General Chemistry labs 2
Organic Chemistry 6
Organic Chemistry labs 2
Physics 6
Physics labs 2
English 6
Statistics offered by Math Department 3
Total 47
NOTE: Biochemistry is required and may be used toward fulfilling the Biological Sciences or Chemistry requirement.
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Important Notes

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Required Applications

Main State Application

Secondary Application

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Admissions Policies

The Office of Admissions carefully reviews the applications of all individuals meeting the entrance requirements. Strong academic standing with regard to GPAs and MCATs are not the only qualities the admissions office and committee members look for in a desirable applicant. Compassion, ethics, motivation, maturity, and personal integrity are also deemed important.

There is no discrimination on the basis of race, sex, creed, national origin, age, or disability. In an effort to recruit a highly qualified and diverse student body, which reflects the demographics of the West Texas region, race/ethnicity as well as a socioeconomically disadvantaged background are among the many factors considered in the admission process.

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Other Policies

*It is the goal of TTUHSC School of Medicine to accept only those students who are guaranteed to complete the full four years of the curriculum based on citizenship or permanent resident status. Therefore, only applicants who are permanent US residents or American citizens will be considered for interview and admission.

After Receiving an Offer of Acceptance

Applicants will be required to submit:

Applicants who receive an offer of acceptance will receive detailed information regarding these items.

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Application Timeline

Application Timeline
Element Timeline
Application Period May 2 - Sept. 30
Interview Season Early Aug - Late Dec
Early Decision (EDP) Application Deadline Aug 1
Rolling Admissions Period Nov 15 - Dec 31
Applicant Match List and/or Offer Declines Due Jan 20
TMDSAS Match Results Announced Feb 1
Rolling Admissions Period 2 (Alternate List period) February 16 - Early August

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Application Timeline Description

File Evaluation & Review June 1 - December 31

Each completed application will be reviewed by Admissions Officers and personal interviews will be offered to those students deemed most competitive for admission. All interviews are conducted at the Lubbock and El Paso campuses. On the day of the interview there will be opportunities to tour the medical school, talk with students and observe class lectures. Applicants who have been sent an interview invitation and are applying through the regular MD program, are given two 30 minute interviews. M.D. / M.B.A. and M.D. / Ph.D. invited applicants are given three interviews, two from the School of Medicine, and one from the Texas Tech University Rawls College of Business or the TTUHSC Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS), respectively. After interviews are complete, the Admissions Committee considers the applicant's overall academic record, grade trends, healthcare exposure, extracurricular activities, MCAT results, pre-professional evaluations, impressions of the interviewers, and any other pertinent information to determine acceptance. Any applicant who is offered an acceptance to medical school has two weeks in which to accept or decline the offer in writing.

Rolling Admissions Session November 15 - December 31

Texas medical schools use a dual rolling admissions / Match system. During the rolling admissions period, a medical school can make an offer of acceptance to any Texas Resident applicant who has interviewed. An applicant can potentially receive offers from multiple medical schools during this period. Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine will be very proactive about recruiting desired applicants during this period.

Texas Match February 1

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine participates in the Match system with the other Texas Schools listed on the application form. The Match system that TTUHSC has participated in since 1999 will continue to exist, but in a slightly different timeframe. Applicants who have interviewed but have not been accepted to a Texas medical school or are holding multiple offers received during the Rolling Admission Session will enter the Match. Applicants with multiple pre-match offers will no longer go through the Accept/Decline; process this year.  Applicants will be allowed to enter the match holding multiple pre-match offers.  They are required to rank all schools where they interviewed regardless of whether or not they received one or more pre-match offers. The deadline for applicants to submit their preference rankings is January 20. Match Day, the day where interviewed applicants discover their status, is February 1. Results of the Match are listed on the web (TMDSAS & TTUHSC SOM) and acceptance letters mailed February 1.

For more information regarding the Texas medical school acceptance and match process, please visit the TMDSAS website.

Rolling Admissions Session 2 (TTUHSC) February 2 - mid August

Sometime after the Match, the Director and Associate Dean of Admissions will formulate an official alternate pool of interviewed applicants that have not been selected by another school during the rolling admission session or in the February 1st match. In the event that an accepted applicant leaves his/her seat, an applicant from the alternate pool will be selected and an offer will be made. This process is generally very slow and unpredictable. The alternate pool is not ranked. Applicants may be selected from the alternate pool up until orientation at TTUHSC School of Medicine begins.

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Criminal Background Check Notice

Once accepted, a Criminal Background Check is required for all matriculants.

In order to provide a safe environment for patients, visitors, faculty, employees and students at TTUHSC, criminal background checks will be instituted as of September 1, 2006. Essentially, compliance with this policy will be required of all entering applicants. Criminal background checks (CBCs) allow the university to evaluate whether TTUHSC students are qualified, eligible, and possess the character and fitness to participate in clinical care and/or clinical rotation sites at TTUHSC or participating institutions. Therefore, per the TTUHSC Operating Policy and Procedure 10.20, in order to complete matriculation to the TTUHSC School of Medicine, all prospective matriculants will submit a background check, through a prescribed vendor, to the TTUHSC Office of the Registrar. Refusal to complete the self-disclosure / criminal background check will preclude the student from admission and matriculation. All criminal history provided is confidential and shall be protected from disclosure to the greatest extent provided by law. It must be noted by the applicant, that matriculation will be completed only after receipt and review of the consent forms, self-disclosure information, and receipt of the subsequent background check record indicating no criminal history, unless otherwise indicated. Where a record of criminal history exists, each prospective matriculant will be evaluated individually, and recommendations for enrollment or withdrawal/revocation of acceptance/admission will be made by the School of Medicine.

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Admissions Questions

For general questions concerning statistics, prerequisites, etc. please visit our FAQ.

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
School of Medicine
Office of Admissions 2B116
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Lubbock, Texas 79430
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