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Texas Tech University Agreement

Honors Early Acceptance Program: TTUHSC School of Medicine

Austin College Agreement

This agreement is under review.

West Texas A&M Agreement

This agreement is under review.

AAMC Early Decision Option

Applicants interested exclusively in the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine may apply under the AAMC Early Decision Option from May 1 through August 1 of the application cycle.

Invitations for interview and any offers of acceptance will be made on or before September 15. Early Decision applicants may not apply to other medical schools while being considered by TTUHSC SOM. An applicant who is offered admission and accepts the offer may not apply to another medical school unless the seat at TTUHSC SOM is relinquished. If an applicant is not accepted by Texas Tech, he or she may then apply to other schools early enough so that the results will be available to the school prior to August 1. Early Decision applicants to TTUHSC SOM must have received a score of 30 or greater on the old MCAT and must be Texas residents.  Applicants with an MCAT2015 score will be given preference based on the competitiveness of their score.

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Director of Admissions
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