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The Anesthesia Research division of the Department of Anesthesiology has considerable experience in conducting clinical trials as well as basic science research.  Potential subjects for study include patients presenting for anesthesia or for chronic pain treatment. We are always interested in exploring new research opportunities.  If you would like to discuss us possibly becoming involved in a potential research project, either clinical or basic science, please contact Lisa Finstein, Clinical Research Coordinator, at or (806) 743-2916.

The Anesthesia Research laboratories are a shared resource facility of 2400 sq. ft. with 8 laboratories and 2 offices. The facility contains analytical chemistry and related equipment (HPLC, IR, and UV Spectrophotometers) that are used to measure concentrations of drug in biological samples (e.g. plasma). The facility also contains equipment for doing in vitro studies on isolated tissue and organs, and for doing biochemistry studies. Equipment for doing complex studies of single or multiple organ systems (e.g. nervous system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system) on intact animals and human volunteers is on hand. The facility is staffed with skilled technicians and is directed by a senior scientist (Ph.D.) with extensive experience in pain research. It is conveniently located in close proximity to teaching, patient care, and administrative areas of the Department. This location facilitates and encourages awareness of research activities and integration of research into other department functions. The research resources of other clinical departments and basic science departments in the TTUHSC are available through formal (e.g. joint faculty appointments) or informal arrangements. The medical school has a high quality animal resources facility that is shared by all departments.