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Brad Bryan

Brad A. Bryan, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Biomedical Sciences
Texas A&M University Health Science Center, Houston, TX, 2005
Curriculum Vitae
M.B.A. Business Administration
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, 2014

Department of Biomedical Sciences
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Center of Excellence in Cancer Research
Paul Foster School of Medicine
5001 El Paso Drive, MSB1 Room 2111
El Paso, TX  79912
Phone: (915) 215-4232

Research Interests

The research in the Bryan lab is focused on the subcellular mechanics and cellular signaling involved in the formation of the cardiovascular system.  We are particularly interested in how these pathways are deregulated in aberrant vascular states such as hemangiomas, vascular malformations, and cancer.  Insights gained from this work can lead to a better understanding of the cause and treatment of vascular disease and cancer. 

Current Projects

To achieve these goals, we are developing novel experimental techniques to (1) elucidate the mechanisms by which cell shape and mechanical stress affect gene expression, (2) identify the genetic and epigenetic components controlling hemangioma and vascular malformation progression, and (3) develop advanced therapeutics against a variety of vascular tumors including hemangioendotheliomas and angiosarcomas.

Selected Publications

Research Articles:

  • Stiles JM, Pham R, Rowntree RK, Amaya C, Battiste J, Boucheron LE, Mitchell DC, Bryan BA.  Alterations in coronary artery endothelial cell morphology induce large scale changes in global gene transcription. (In Press, FEBS Journal).
  • Verma K, Tran D, Bryan BA, Mitchell DC. Meta-analysis of infantile hemangioma endothelial cell microarray expression data reveals significant aberrations of gene networks involved in cell adhesion and extracellular matrix composition. (In Press, Angiology).
  • Stiles JM, Rowntree RK, Amaya C, Diaz D, Kokta V, Mitchell DC, Bryan BA. (2013)  Gene expression analysis reveals marked differences in the transcriptome of infantile hemangioma endothelial cells compared to normal dermal microvascular endothelial cells. Vascular Cell. 5(1):6.
  • Stiles JM, Amaya C, Rains S, Diaz D, Pham R, Battiste J, Modiano JF, Kokta V, Boucheron LE, Mitchell DC, Bryan BA. (2013) Targeting of beta adrenergic receptors results in therapeutic efficacy against hemangioendotheliomas and angiosarcomas. Plos One. 8(3):e60021.
  • Hackathorn A, Boisvert E, Masterjohn K, Bellizzi H, Flanders T, Mitchell D, Bryan B, Frink D. Ethanol extracts from the mushroom Inonotus obliquus (Chaga) alter melanoma cell viability and morphology. BIOS 84(2):74-81.
  • Montalvo J, Spencer C, HackathornA, Masterjohn K, Perkins A, Doty C, Arumugam A, Ongusaha PP, Lakshmanaswamy R, Liao JK, Mitchell DC, Bryan BA. (2013) ROCK1 & 2 perform overlapping and unique roles in angiogenesis and angiosarcoma tumor progression. Curr Mol Med. 13(1): 205-19.
  • Stiles J, Amaya C, Pham R, Rowntree RK, Lacaze M, Mulne A, Bischoff J, Kokta V, Boucheron LE, Mitchell DC, Bryan BA. (2012) Propranolol treatment of infantile hemangioma endothelial cells: A molecular analysis. Exp Ther Med. 4(4):594-604.
  • Mitchell DC, Bryan BA, Liu L, Hu XH, Huang XQ, Li C, Chen PC, Zhou J, Liu JP, Zhang J, Liu M, Li DW. (2011) GEFT, a Rho family guanine nucleotide exchange factor, regulates lens differentiation through a Rac1 mediated mechanism. Curr Mol Med. 11(6):465-80.
  • Spencer C, Montalvo J, McLaughlin SR, Bryan BA. (2011) Small molecule inhibition of cytoskeletal dynamics in melanoma tumors results in altered transcriptional expression patterns of key genes involved in tumor initiation and progression. Cancer Genomics Proteomics 8(2):77-85. 
  • Street CA, Routhier AA, Spencer C, Perkins AL, Masterjohn K, Hackathorn A, Montalvo J, Dennstedt EA, Bryan BA. (2010) Pharmacological inhibition of Rho-kinase (ROCK) signaling enhances cisplatin resistance in neuroblastoma cells. Int J Oncol 37:1297-1305. 
  • Bryan BA, Dennstedt E, Mitchell DC, Walshe TE, Noma K, Loureiro R, Saint-Geniez M, Campaigniac JP,  Liao JK, and D’Amore PA. (2010) RhoA/ROCK signaling is essential for multiple aspects of VEGF-mediated angiogenesis. FASEB J. 24:3186-95. 
  • Routhier A, Astuccio M, Lahey D, Monfredo N, Johnson A, Callahan W, Partington A, Fellows K, Ouellette L, Zhidro S, Goodrow C, Smith A, Sullivan K, Simone P, Le L, Vezuli B, Zohni M, West E, Gleason D, Bryan B. (2010) Pharmacological inhibition of Rho-kinase signaling with Y-27632 blocks melanoma tumor growth.  Oncol Rep. 23:861-867.
  • Bryan BA, Walshe TE, Mitchell DC, Havumaki JS, Saint-Geniez M, Maharaj AS, Maldonado AE, D'Amore PA. (2008) Coordinated Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor expression and signaling during skeletal myogenic differentiation.  Mol Biol Cell. 19(3):994-1006.
  • Mitchell DC, Bryan BA, Liu JP, Liu WB, Zhang L, Qu J, Zhou X, Liu M, Li DW. (2007) Developmental expression of three small GTPases in the mouse eye. Mol Vis. 13:1144-53.
  • Wrighton KH, Liang M, Bryan B, Luo K, Liu M, Feng XH, Lin X. (2007) TGF-beta-independent regulation of myogenesis by SnoN sumoylation.  J Biol Chem. 282(9):6517-24.
  • Bryan B, Cai Y, Liu M. (2006) Retinoic acid- and dibutyric cyclic AMP-induced neurite outgrowth is enhanced by the Rho-family guanine nucleotide exchange factor GEFT. J Neurosci Res. 83(7):1151-1159.
  • Bryan B, Mitchell D, Ma W, Stafford LJ, Liu M. (2005) Modulation of myogenesis and adipogenesis by the Rho family guanine nucleotide exchange factor GEFT. Mol Cell Biol. 25(24):11089-101.
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  • Cai Y, Stafford LJ, Bryan BA, Mitchell D, Liu M. (2005) G-protein activated phospholipase C, new partners for cell polarity protein Par3 and Par6. Oncogene. 24(26): 4293-300.
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Review Articles:

  • Kurisetty V, Bryan BA (2013). Aberrations in angiogenic signaling and myc amplifications are distinguishing features of angiosarcoma. (2013) Angiology 1:e102.
  • Bryan BA (2013). Reconsidering the use of propranolol in the treatment of cosmetic infantile hemangiomas. (2013) Angiology. 1:e101.
  • Street CA, Bryan BA. (2011) Rho kinase proteins—pleiotropic modulators of cell survival & apoptosis.  Anticancer Res.  31(11):3645-57.
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  • Bryan B, Liu M. (2005)  GEFT.  AfCS-Nature Molecule Pages. (AFCS ID: A003469)

Book Chapters:

  • Figella K, Bryan BA, Liu M. (2013) ARHGEF25. Encyclopedia of Signaling Molecules.  Springer Publishing. (In Press) 
  • Dennstedt E, Bryan BA. (2011)  Gene knockdown in endothelial cells.  Methods Mol Biol. 764:214-22.
  • Bryan BA, D’Amore PA. (2008) Pericyte isolation and usage in endothelial/pericyte coculture models. Methods Enzymol. 443:315-31.
  • Bryan B, Cai Y, Liu M. (2004) Advancements in Neuroscience Research: The Rho family of small GTPases—Central Regulators of Neurite Outgrowth.  3rd Edition. Beijing, China. Higher Education Press.