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Martine Coué, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor


Research Interests

My laboratory is interested in understanding how DNA replication is initiated and regulated in eukaryotes. Our focus is on the proteins which direct initiation and are likely to be the target of the cell cycle machinery which ensures that DNA replication is restricted to S-phase and occurs only once per cell cycle. Much of our work involves cell-free extracts from Xenopus eggs that support all the nuclear events of the early embryonic cell cycle and provides a unique system for studying these processes biochemically.

Recent Publications

Coué, M., Kearsey, S. & Mechali, M. (1996) Chromatin binding, nuclear localization andphosphorylation of Xenopus cdc21 are cell-cycle dependent and associated with the control of initiation of DNA replication. EMBO .J. 15: 1085-1097.

Coué, M., Amariglio, F., Maiorano, D., Bocquet, S & Mechali, M. (1998) Evidence for different MCM subcomplexes with differential binding to chromatin in Xenopus. Exp. Cell. Res. 245: 282-289.

Pereverzeva, I., Whitmire, E., Khan, B. & Coué, M. (2000). Distinct Phosphoisoforms of the Xenopus Mcm4 protein regulate the function of the Mcm complex. Mol. Cell. Biol. 20: 3667-3676.

Whitmire, E., Khan, B. & Coué, M. (2002) Cdc6 synthesis regulates replication competence in Xenopus oocytes. Nature. 419: 722-725.

Silva,T., Bradley, R.H., Gao, Y. & Coué, M. (2006) Xenopus CDC7/DRF1 complex is required for the initiation of DNA replication. J Biol Chem. 281(17):11569-76.