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The National Task Force on Continuing Medical Education Provider/Industry Collaboration

Get the Facts! Campaign Toolkit

A Call to Action

There are many opportunities for conflict, bias, misrepresentation of facts and misinformed perceptions when people form a position around a specific issue or policy. This has been the case with respect to recent publications concerning conflict of interest and bias in Continuing Medical Education (CME). The Task Force recognizes the confusion regarding the intent and purpose of CME for years and has established a Public Affairs Committee to identify critical issues to address by means of referenced Fact Sheets which will be distributed to a wide range of stakeholders, advocates and critics of CME.

The media, state and federal law and policy makers as well as regulators and other collective/consensus opinions frequently use and disseminate information that can lead to incorrect assumptions and false perceptions about CME. This has led to increased regulatory scrutiny and critical public opinion regarding CME practices.

Get involved! Help Get the Facts straight! Distribute these Fact Sheets to your colleagues, association members, friends and family. The CME community has a responsibility to make certain the facts cited by all stakeholders in the healthcare arena are accurate and appropriately reflect current process, standards, regulation and the difference the provision of quality CME can make upon the healthcare system.


The Get the Facts! Campaign is a national effort to disseminate factual information on issues that are important and relevant to the CME community. The Task Force will electronically distribute the Fact Sheets on an ongoing basis. Stakeholder groups include, but are not limited to members of the Alliance for Continuing Medical Education (Alliance for CME), Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education (SACME), Association for Hospital Medical Education (AHME) and the Coalition for Healthcare Communications.

Additionally, the Get the Facts! Campaign will include press releases and other media-related activities, presentations at major conferences and meetings, discussions and exhibits all with the intent to distribute factual information on the CME enterprise, its processes, regulations and opportunities.

Fact Sheets Attached

Suggestions for how you can use the Fact Sheets

  • Post on your company/institution/association website
  • Disseminate with a Call to Action campaign to your employees and/or association members
  • Incorporate factual information into presentations and publications
  • Include a copy of the Fact Sheets in handouts to physician audiences
  • Send to your local press, media, government officials, etc.
  • Incorporate into your departmental employee training manuals
  • Share with CME planning committees and faculty

Upcoming Topics

  • Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Device Company (Industry) Support of CME
  • FDA-regulated Promotional Activities
  • Value of Collaboration

What is the Task Force?

The Task Force on Continuing Medical Education for Provider/Industry Collaboration, established in 1989, is an organization of nearly 50 senior professionals in CME who represent themselves, but have distinguished careers and vast experience with CME in medical schools, specialty and other societies, accrediting agencies including medicine, pharmacy, nursing and physicians assistants, state medical groups, CME providers, grantor companies, and other industry organizations.Our members, our organizations and the Task Force itself are recognized as leaders on the topic of industry grant support for Continuing Medical Education (CME).

The mission of the Task Force is to provide a leadership forum to impact national policy related to the provision, support, accreditation, and regulation of continuing medical education (CME).

Task Force goals include the following:

  • To bring together individuals from a variety of CME perspectives;
  • To propose mutually derived ethical solutions to issues in CME;
  • To disseminate news and information regarding CME;
  • To safeguard continuing provider/industry collaboration and support for CME;
  • To review and recommend guidelines and regulations pertaining to the interface between CME providers and industry; and
  • To provide educational activities that support our mission and goals.

For more information on the Get the Facts! Campaign, please contact

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