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Education Operations Committee Post-Exam Review Policy - 4/2/08

All examinations will have an “Examinee Acknowledgement/Question Review Request Form” incorporated as part of the exam.

All students, whether or not they stay for the post-exam review, may fill in the Question Review Request Form; simply leave the “correct answer” column blank and provide the reason you believe a review of the question is necessary.

A post-examination review will be offered immediately following the end of the exam.  Students who desire to attend the review must remain in the exam room and seated until the end of the allotted exam time.  Students who leave the exam room will not be allowed back for the review.

This is an INDIVIDUAL exam review.  There will be no discussion of the questions or answers among the students or by the faculty.

Students will be allowed to view questions and correct answers for an appropriate amount of time as determined by the Block Director.  Exam proctors may release students who have finished their review at an intermediate time point during the review.

At the end of the allotted review time, all test materials will be collected by the proctors and students will be allowed to leave.

Any student may make an appointment for a discussion of the exam topics with the Block Director or one of the faculty.

The Block Director will review the “Question Review Request Forms” and provide feedback to students regarding changes to questions.