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Renaissance V Medical Education Summit
Year 3-4 Redesign

August 28, 2006 - ACB110
August 29, 2006 - ACB240



Summit Notebooks to be distributed on August 28 will contain hardcopies of all documents below.



Summit Charge and Goals

Breakout Groups and Related Tasks

Curriculum Templates

All-Campus Student Clerkship Summary Report 2005-2006

NBME Reports

Student Performance Goals: RIME

ACGME Competencies for Evaluation

Clerkship Priorities 2006-2007; EOC Priorities and Leadership Roles 2006-2007

2006-2007 Objectives for All Clerkships

SOM Report to LCME Dec 2005; Quantitative Patient Log Requirements by Clerkship


New Directions

Curriculum Redesign Templates: Univ. Colorado, Univ. S Florida, U Connecticut

AAMC Report: Clinical Education of Medical Students December 2005

AAMC Report: Musculoskeletal Medicine Education December 2005

AAMC: Tool for Assessing Cultural Competence Training (TACCT)

Reynolds Grant and NIH Cultural Competence Grant Handouts


Curriculum Change

Summary (McCurdy): Kotter, "Leading Change", Harvard Business School Press, 1996

* Bland, C.J. PhD, " 'No Fear' Curricular Change", Academic Med June 2000.

* Bland, C.J. PhD, "Curricular Change in Medical Schools: How to Succeed" Academic Med, June 2000.


Core Documents

Renaissance IV Medical Education Summit Dec 2005: Summary & Recommendations

EPC Consensus Template for Curriculum Redesign July 2004

Institutional Educational Vision, Goals and Objectives

LCME Citations 2002

Early Clinical Experience Skill Sets: Year 1

Early Clinical Experience Skill Sets: Year 2



Year 3-4 Evaluation

Draft Form: Clerkship Evaluation (derived from ACE/CDIM July 2006)

Draft Form: Professionalism and Communication Assessment

TTUHSC SOM Statement of Professionalism

Ad Hoc Committee on Professionalism, UT Southwestern July 2001

* Smith S. "Assessing Students' Performances in a Competency-based Curriculum". Acad Med January 2003



Review of Ambulatory Education Literature - F McCurdy April 2006

* Selected Abstracts from Academic Medicine 2005

* Bahn T. "A Comparison of Family Medicine & Internal Medicine Experiences in a Combined Clerkship", Family Medicine, July - August 2003


Year 4

ACGME Endorsed General Competencies for Residents, February 1999

* Swing, L. "Key Considerations for Selecting Assessment Instruments and Implementing Assessment Systems", ACGME.

* McCurdy, F. "From Library to Discharge: A Managing Care Student Project", Family Medicine, January suppl. 2003.

* Green, E. "Advances in the Internal Medicine Subinternship", The American Journal of Medicine, December 15, 2002.

Green, E. "The Value of the Subinternship: A Survey of Fourth Year Medical Students", Med Educ Online, 2004,


Breakout Group Documents

AAMC Report: Musculoskeletal Medicine Education December 2005



* Some articles not web-accessible due to copyright

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