Year 4 Rotations

Kristin Stutz
Director, Medical Education
Texas Tech University HSC
1400 S. Coulter, Suite 4100
Amarillo, TX 79106
Phone: (806) 354-5417 FAX: (806) 351-3787

Rachel Forbes
Managing Director, Medical Education
Texas Tech University HSC Covenant Branch- Lubbock
Phone: (806) 743-6161 FAX: (806) 743-7799

Kelley Moss
Clerkship/Rotations Coordinator, Medical Education
Texas Tech University HSC - Lubbock
Phone: (806) 743-3005 FAX: (806) 743-4165

Mike Callaway
Senior Director of Medical Education
Texas Tech University HSC - Permian Basin
Phone: (432) 335-5339


Campus: Lubbock
Course Title: Advanced Gross Anatomy I
Course Number: MCBA-8401 023 0r 043
Course Description:
[Asynchronous elective] This elective is a two-week or four-week, in-depth, self-directed review of a focused aspect of gross anatomy including: head and neck, thorax and abdomen, pelvis and perineum, extremities and back or anatomical imaging depending on the needs of the student.
Required, Elective, or Selective: Elective
Prerequisites: Completion of Year 3
Duration: Two or four weeks
On-Call: No
Make-up Opportunities: None
Max. Students Per Rotation: 8
When Offered: Fall & Spring-Not available in periods 2AB, 3AB and 4AB
Faculty: Greg Brower, DVM, PhD
Objective 1: Student should analyze their needs to prepare for selected residency topic. List specific topics that will be reviewed for specific residency of interest.
Objective 2: Review selected topic using appropriate anatomy resources.
Objective 3: Describe and present important concepts covered in the review.