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The Preceptor program is a partnership between TTUHSC School of Medicine and community physicians [clinical faculty] throughout the region who volunteer their time to help educate and train medical students and resident physicians. Clinical faculty appointments connects physicians to our school and allows them access to numerous resources. Physicians interested in supporting student and resident medical education, please review information below and submit your letter of interest.  

How to apply:

Candidates must submit a letter of interest to the Department Chair. In order to process your request, candidates must include:

    - A current curriculum vitae

    - SSN

    - Date of Birth

    - Names of 3 colleagues for references

Applications will be reviewed by the faculty appointments committee. Physicians are  notified about their appointment by mail.

What does becoming a Clinical Faculty mean for you?

As member of the Clinical Faculty, not only will you have access to all of the TTUHSC System resources, but it means you are a role model and a member of a growing network of physicians who are committed to help support the medical school by imparting knowledge and training the next generation of physicians.

Clinical Faculty ID Card gives you access to TTU System resources {see benefits page}

Responsibilities of Clinical Faculty

Clinical faculty are selected on the basis of the needs of the teaching and research program in the respective department (s). Your clinical appointment must be renewed annually. The clinical faculty track, guides in determining an academic rank, decision for annual renewal, and promotion criteria. Questions regarding compliance to the guidelines are addressed to the Department Chair.


Clinical Faculty Track