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A message from Thomas E. Tenner, Jr., PhD, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs & Development:


Some of you may remember the hassles of trying to prepare for the last SACS and LCME re-accreditation visits.  Thanks to the quality of our Faculty, we passed with flying colors, however, documenting the strengths of our Faculty was painful.


As a result Digital Measures (Activity Insight) has been acquired by Texas Tech.  This program is an online information management system designed to organize and report on your teaching, scholarship, clinical service and administrative/public service activities (the four legs of the Academic Stool).  It is basically an Institutional CV for faculty.  Once populated with your current CV, your database can be updated annually and will generate reports such as the Annual Faculty Evaluation, Mid-Cycle Review, Tenure and Promotion, Post-Tenure review, and even a Personal CV.  In addition, Digital Measurers will be able to generate Institutional reports such as the Departmental Scholarly Activities Report and the requisite reports for SACS and LCME.


The hard part will be the initial transcription of Faculty CVs into the database.  Faculty are encouraged to enter their own CVs or can seek staff assistance.  Entering CVs of Faculty early in their careers should be rather easily.  Faculty with larger CVs will need more time.  However, it is important to remember that “Garbage in garbage out”.  The accuracy of this transfer is crucial to the system performing properly.  As such, Faculty may want to ask staff to assist them, but at the end of the day, the Faculty member is responsible for the proper placement of activities in Digital Measures.


Several training sessions have occurred already.  However, there will likely be many questions as to where information should best be placed.  Indeed, it might serve the Faculty member to have information listed in more than one place. The Office of Faculty Affairs and Development is here to help with all Digital Measures questions.  Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have at
(806) 743-3010 or email




The link above will enable you to access search engines (PubMed, Scopus, Google Scholar, etc.) that will allow rapid uploading of publication references into Digital Measures.


Authorization Form
Personal/Biographic Data Form

Training Guide
Digital Measures Training Guide

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