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Texas Tech Family Medicine scheduling process

At Texas Tech Physicians of Lubbock-Family Medicine, we work hard to  improve service for our patients. Our Next-Day Appointment Scheduling gives you more choices for appointments. Now you can call ahead the day before you want to be seen with our preferred doctor or one of our other doctors.

Next Day Appointments and Patient Care

You can call either the day before or the same day you want to be seen and make an appointment. This means that you can see one of our doctors when you want to. To make an appointment, please contact our Call Center at:


The schedule clerk can assist you with:

  • Making same-day appointments.
  • Making next day appointments.
  • Canceling and rescheduling appointments.
  • Answering questions about your appointments
Your Doctor

All of our doctors are part of the Texas Tech Department of Family and Community Medicine and are dedicated to your healthcare needs. We have many doctors to handle your care.  Your preferred doctor will be in the clinic on certain days and may be available to see you on those days. Regardless, you will not have to wait several weeks to see your preferred doctor if you call and schedule a next day appointment with any of our doctors in clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions
Will this change the way I make appointments?

The scheduling system will change only when you can make your appointments. You will be able to make appointments up to one day in advance. Just phone our Call Center and make an appointment. The clinic number is 806-743-2757.

Do I need to call before coming in for a same-day appointment?

We strongly encourage you to call the clinic as early as you can for a same-day appointment. Sometimes you may not get your preferred doctor, but we will make every attempt to schedule you as soon as possible with another doctor in the clinic.

Can I still schedule an appointment more than one day in advance?

Although you will not be able to schedule an appointment more than one day ahead, with our Next Day Appointment scheduling system you should be able to see one of our providers the same day or the next day when you call to make your appointment.