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Reynolds Project Summary

The Reynolds Comprehensive Training Program has equipped students, residents and physicians with competencies in geriatrics essential to evidence-based care for the rural and multicultural West Texas populations, and has stimulated interest in geriatric medicine through exposure to the exciting advances in geriatrics care and the aging sciences.


The comprehensive competency-based program to strengthen
physicians' training in geriatrics included the following objectives:

  • Implement a four-year Geriatrics Track in the undergraduate curriculum.
  • Strengthen programs to stimulate lifelong medical student interest in geriatrics.
  • Implement the Integrated Geriatrics Track for primary care residents.
  • Implement the Geriatrics Training Program for the medical and surgical specialties.
  • Establish the Geriatrics Faculty Development Program for faculty and practicing physicians to improve geriatrics teaching and practice.

Program Hallmarks

  • Innovative Models of teaching and patient care.
  • Competency-based training directly impacting delivery of geriatric care.
  • Outcomes evaluation for both curriculum effectiveness and patient care.
  • Unique Integrated Geriatrics Practice.
  • Best Teachers Program ensuring exposure to most talented teachers.
  • Geriatrics portfolios to focus students and residents on acquisition of competencies.
  • Texas Tech Geriatrics Podcast.