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Joe A. Fralick, PhD

Joe Fralick, PhD


Department of Immunology and Molecular Microbiology
Phone: 806.743.2555
Lab: 806.743.2555
Fax: 806.743.2334
Joe A. Fralick, PhD


Joe A. Fralick, Professor of Microbiology and Immunology at Texas Tech University, School of Medicine did his undergraduate work in Biological Sciences at San Jose State University, San Jose California receiving his bachelors degree in 1965. He obtained his PhD from the University of Tennessee in Radiation Biology and Biophysics at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Biology Division, under the directions of Drs. Howard Adler, William Fisher and Roy Curtiss III in 1970 as an NIH Pre-doctoral Fellow. He conducted postdoctoral studies as an NIH Postdoctoral fellow in Dr. K.G. Lark’s laboratory (University of Utah) on the regulation of chromosomal initiation in E. coli (1970-1973) and as a Research Associate in Dr. D.W. White’s laboratory (Florida state University) on membrane biochemistry (1973-1974). He was recruited to Texas Tech University, School of Medicine, Department of Microbiology and Immunology in 1974 where he rose through the ranks to Professor. Dr. Fralick has experience of research in the fields of Bacterial genetics and molecular biology of prokaryotes. He has been a principal investigator on multiple grants, including NIH, DoD, NASA, and the US Army on topics ranging from studies on the regulation of chromosome replication and cell division in E. coli; the regulation of outer membrane protein expression in E. coli; the genetics of multiple drug resistance (MDR) efflux pumps in E. coli , P. aeruginosa and V. cholera; the use of combinatorial chemistry in the development of small peptide aptamers for the detection and neutralization of toxins; and the use of bacterial viruses for the treatment of bacterial infections (Phage Therapy). He has published over 40 manuscripts and authored 7 book chapters. Dr. Fralick has sat on grant review study section panels (NIH, NSF and American Heart) and as an adjunct grant reviewer for national and international granting agencies (Hatch Program, USF Center on Biological Defense, U.S. Civilian Research and Development Foundation of the Independent States of the Former Soviet Union). He has chaired scientific sessions and presented invited talks at national and international conferences, reviewed manuscripts for multiple journals and has acted as a consultant for multiple companies.



The Fralick laboratory is involved in two different areas of research targeting antibiotic resistance: 1) Studies on the assembly and inhibition of multiple drug resistance (MDR) efflux pumps in Gram-negative bacteria; and 2) the use of bacterial viruses (phage or bacteriophage) to target bacterial pathogens (Phage Therapy). The latter includes studies on the development of broad host-range therapeutic phage cocktails for targeting both planktonic and biofilm cells. The former includes the use of split-intein mediated circular ligation of peptides and proteins (SICLOPPS) combinatorial libraries to target MDR efflux pump assembly pathways in the periplasm of Gram-negative cells.

Laboratory Techniques

  1. Site-specific mutagenesis
  2. Transposon mutagenesis
  3. DNA cloning
  4. RFLP-analysis
  5. Gene array analysis
  6. Strain construction
  7. Transformation
  8. Transduction
  9. Conjugation
  10. Transposon mutagenesis
  11. PCR analysis
  12. RT-PCR analysis
  13. Combinatorial Chemistry – Display Technology
  14. SDS-PAGE analysis
  15. Western, Southern and Northern blot analysis
  16. Phage cocktail evolution


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