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Brian Reilly, PhD

Brian Reilly, PhD

Assistant Professor Biological Sciences, TTU

Joint Associate Professor Immunology and Molecular Microbiology
Associate Professor Biological Sciences
Phone: 806.743.2564
Brian Reilly, PhD

Research Interests

Autoimmunity, Complement and complement receptors on T- and B-cells.


CD4+ T-cells display an array of functions that can be traced to distinct lineages of thymocytes or to a variety of effector fates open to a naïve T cell. The path taken during thymic development and during activation in the periphery depends not only on signals received through the TCR, but also on individual signals received through other cellular receptors. Earlier studies, beginning 20 years ago, showed that complement receptor 1 (CD35) exists on a minor population of human CD4+ and CD8+ T-cells. To date, it has not been determined whether expression of this receptor marks a separate lineage of T-cells or the role this receptor plays during T-cell activation. Thus, the long-term goal of our research is to determine the basis of CD35 expression on T-cells and the effect its complement ligands’ C3b and C4b have on T-cell immunity. Understanding how the complement system influences T-cell activity is significant as it will further our basic knowledge of the interaction between innate and adaptive immunity and could be valuable in development of vaccines for autoimmune and infectious diseases, and in therapeutic treatments for various types of cancer.


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