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Infectious Disease

Infectious Disease

About Us: Infectious Disease

The world has become a much smaller place over the last twenty - thirty years.  The advent of air travel as well as ocean travel has provided a means whereby Infectious Diseases seemingly forgotten occurring in the third world has become relatively common place by transmission through the air and sea to areas of the world where these diseases were not seen previously.  Examples include Ebola Virus, Avian Influenza, Rickettsial Diseases as well as resistances organisms from other places where antibiotic pressures are higher.  In the Continental United States we experience problems virtually daily with infections due to MRSA, C. difficile and other hospital pathogens including multi drug resistance pseudomonas. Infectious Disease as a specialty has become intertwined with the management and care of HIV.  Since the beginning of this disease recognition approximately thirty years ago major advances have occurred which have transformed this disease into one of chronic infection.  Gratifyingly most people do well with treatment.  It is anticipated that emerging infections from around the world as well defined disease from the other areas of the world will be seen more frequently in the United States and pose new problems for Infectious Disease Practitioner's.  The challenges remain ever present.  We are ready to accept those challenges. 

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This specialty requires a referral from your primary care physician.

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  • TTUHSC accepts all major insurances
  • All major credit cards
  • Medicare and Medicaid
  • Financial screening is available for those needing assistance

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Texas Tech Physicians Medical Pavilion
3601 4th Street 2nd Floor MS 9902
Lubbock, TX 79430
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Monday-Friday /

All clinics are Handicapped accessible; Bi-lingual English and Spanish; All major insurances and credit cards accepted; Medicare and Medicare; Financial screening available based on need.

Additional Resources:

Infectious Diseases Society of America

Center for Disease Control 

   Travel, Tropical Medicine & Medical Parasitology


Faculty Listing

Winn, Richard Division Chief; Program Director
Christopher Crist                     Assistant Professor
Lacy, Mark Associate Professor
Siddiqui, Afzal Professor
Fuhrmann, Kristen Antimicrobial Stewardship/Infectious Diseases; Pharmacist   
Berk, Steven Professor