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Profile for Maurizio Chiriva-Internati

Maurizio Chiriva-Internati

Office Phone:
Mail Address: 3601 4th St Stop 9410
Lubbock TX 79430-9410


  • PhD: University of Milan, 2012
  • PhD: University of Nottingham, England, 2010
  • D.B.Sc: University of Milan, 1996
  • PhD: Unidegli Studi Di Milano, 1996

Selected Publications:

  • Pena, C & Mirandola, L & Figueroa, Jose & Hosiriluck, N & Suvorava, N & Trotter, K & Reddy, A & Rakshanda, R & Payne, D & Jenkins, Marjorie & Grizzi, F & Littlefield, L & Chiriva-Internati, Maurizio & Cobos, Everardo September (2014) Galectins as therapeutic targets for hematological malignancies: a hopeful sweetness Annals of Thoracic Medicine, 2, 9, 1-7.
  • Ebrahim, A & Alalawi, Z & Mirandola, L & Rakshanda, R & Dahlbeck, S & Nguyen, D & Jenkins, Marjorie & Grizzi, F & Cobos, Everardo & Figueroa, Jose & Chiriva-Internati, Maurizio September (2014) Galectins in cancer: carcinogenesis, diagnosis and therapy Annals of Thoracic Medicine, 2, 9, 86.
  • Cannon, M & Goyne, H & Stone, P & Macdonald, L & James, L & Cobos, Everardo & Chiriva-Internati, Maurizio May (2013) Modulation of p38 MAPK signaling enhances dendritic cell activation of human CD4(+) Th17 responses to ovarian tumor antigen Cancer Immunology Immunotherapy, 62, 5, 839-849.
  • Colombo, M & Mirandola, L & Platonova, N & Apicella, L & Basile, A & Figueroa, Jose & Cobos, Everardo & Chiriva-Internati, Maurizio & Chiaramonte, R April (2013) Notch-directed microenvironment reprogramming in myeloma: a single path to multiple outcomes Leukemia, 27, 5, 1009-1018.
  • Grizzi, F & Franceschini, B & Di Bicarri, S & Hermonat, P & Mazzola, P & Nguyen, Diane & Radhi, S & Figueroa, Jose & Cobos, Everardo & Annoni, G & Chiriva-Internati, Maurizio March (2013) Mast Cells and the Liver Aging process Immunity & Ageing, 10, 1, 9.

Selected Presentations:

  • Chemokine receptors as novel targets of the oncogene Notch1 in acute lymphoblastic leukemia American Society for Clinical Oncology, 2013.
  • Notch receptors promote human multiple myeloma cell growth in vitro and bone marrow invasion in vivo through the CXCR4/SDF1 axis American Society for Clinical Oncology, 2013.
  • Selective expression of the Sp17/AKAP4/PTTG1 in NSCLC for detection and therapy American Society for Clinical Oncology, 2013.
  • Sex and Multiple Myeloma Biomarker Variation TTUHSC, Lubbock, TX; 2012.
  • New Antigens in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Detected both in Serology and Tissue Austin, TX; November 2012.

Selected Contracts and Grants:

    Awarded by University Medical Center Foundation
    in the amount of $32,985.00
    Research Related
  • Preclinical Testing for the treatment of multiple myeloma 2012-2012
    Awarded by CH Fdn
    Clinical Service Related
  • Ovarian Cancer biomarkers 2011-2012
    Awarded by Laura W. Bush Institute of Women's Health

  • Sp17 Protein production for preclinical model 2011-2012
    Awarded by TX Tech Univ HSC
    Research Related
  • Norris Comprehensive Cancer Ctr 2011-2012
    Awarded by University of Southern California
    Research Related

Selected Scheduled Teaching:

  • Hematology and Medical Oncology Fellowship Conference - 2014
Date last updated: 8/18/2017
Research Interests

For the past decade, I have been investigating tumor antigens as therapeutic and diagnostic tools. My research has led to the identification of novel cancer testis antigens for the development of immunotherapeutic strategies against solid and non-solid tumors. Furthermore, my research is focused on developing new therapies for multiple myeloma, ovarian and lung cancer, and prostate cancer and melanoma. These cancers express unique tumor-specific or -associated antigens to which my lab directs T cell immune responses via DNA, RNA, protein or peptide based vaccines. Vaccine components are delivered in their native form, by dendritic cells, by recombinant Adeno Associated Virus. This clinically translational research is backed up by pre-clinical and basic research in both normal and transgenic animal models and in laboratory studies on patient material.
Therapeutic vaccinations of cancer patients or cancer bearing animals are hampered by a variety of tumor immune escape mechanisms. My basic science research is on immunotherapy of human cancer by the identification of new tumor (-associated) genes, antigens cancer testis antigens, epitopes and biomarkers and by understanding the basic biology of dendritic cells and the basic immunology of cancer. A variety of techniques including cell culture, cellular immunology, cytofluorometry, molecular biology, immunochemistry and immunohistology is used in my research. Overall the research in my lab will lead to, discovered antigens such as cancer testis antigen, and understating the tumor-immune system interactions and the design of effective cancer immunotherapies.
-Antigen discovery and validation for cancer diagnostic and therapy in solid and non-solid tumors
-The development of novel immunotherapeutic strategies and vaccine designs for treating cancer