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2010 Resident Research Day Presentations

Comparing the Ultrasound Finding of Thickened Endometrial Stripe with Pathological Diagnosis Jamila Crawford, MD (PGY II), Naghma Farooqi, MD and Mitchell Wachtel, MD


Glycemic Control and Pregnancy Outcome--Comparing the Insulin Pump to Split-Mix Insulin Regimen Edwin Henslee, MD (PGY III), Lindsay Penrose, PhD, Lisa Lopez, RN, Jessica Cornelio (MS III) and Naghma Farooqi, MD poster


Cortisol Levels and Their Association with Preclampsia in Late Pregnancy Jenny Wiggins-Smith, DO (PGY II) and Naghma Farooqi, MD


An Examination of College Student Sex Practices and History of Formal Sex Education Shelly Hook, MD PhD (PGY III), Robert Casanova, MD, Linda Brice, PhD, Lisa Welch (MS) and Jennifer Holmes, MD poster


Is There a Standardized Approach to the Clinical Assessment Symptoms of Endometriosis Jay Ornelas, MD (PGY II) and Samatha Kadiyala, MD


Do Cell Phones Truly Affect Cellular Function? Amy Van Gheem, MD (PGY I), Lindsay Penrose, PhD, Lisa Welch, MS and Samuel Prien, PhD poster


Male Obesity and Semen Analysis Parameters Joseph Petty, MD (PGY IV), Samuel Prien, PhD, Amatia Kennedy (MS IV) and Sami Jabara, MD


Use of a Unique Semen Collection Device in the Treatment of Infertility Marcos Sosa, MD (PGY II), Sami Jabara, MD, Robert Kauffman, MD, Jennifer Phy, DO and Samuel Prien, PhD


Comparison of Maternal and Fetal Complications and Outcomes in Gestational Diabetes Treated with Oral Agents and Insulin Amanda Hatton, MD (PGY IV), Samuel Prien, PhD, Jennifer Holmes (MS IV) and Naghma Farooqi, MD


How Often Will Ovarian Preservation Result in Reoperation? Gilbert Sayegh, MD and Cornelia deRiese, MD


BMI effect on Labor Jarmara Hice, MD (PGY I) and Alita Loveless, MD