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Residency Program : Extended Opportunities

Extending service beyond medical education programs are the Great Plains Lions Eye Bank, and the Laser Vision Institute.

The Great Plains Lions Eye Bank is a non-profit corporation supported by the Lions Clubs of District 2-T-2. Its mission is to obtain quality tissue for patients suffering from corneal blindness, to develop educational programs promoting donor awareness, to support health professionals and donor families in the donation process and to promote research for the prevention of blindness.

The Laser Vision Institute offers the opportunity for gaining experience in refractive and excimer laser surgery. Currently, a number of clinical faculty are performing LASIK, PRK, and LASEK at our Laser Center, which owns the latest scanning and active tracking laser - the LADARVision 4000 by Alcon, Autonomous and Summit. We are committed to the concept that excimer laser refractive surgery should be a core portion of the comprehensive ophthalmologist training program. Our senior residents generally performs hands-on PRK and LASIK - often reserved for fellows in many other programs.

Our Basic Science Research laboratories provide research opportunities for postdoctoral fellows, residents, and medical students. In addition, research opportunities are also available for students pursuing graduate degrees in basic or applied sciences at Texas Tech University or Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. Our electrophysiology and visual psychophysics laboratory offers research opportunities to study patients with rare eye diseases. Those involved in our ocular cell biology laboratory currently investigate factors involved in cell growth, glaucoma, and retinal degeneration. The goals of these programs are to understand the pathophysiological processes involved in various ocular disorders and to develop new therapeutic agents.