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Reading - Required

"BIG Robbins" - 2004 7th edition of Robbins and Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease, by Kumar V, Abbas A and Fausto N (ISBN 0-7216-0187-1). You will be responsible for the material in the chapters appropriate to the lecture topics, except as otherwise noted by a particular lecturer. Small more abbreviated versions of Robbins are available, and a new version of the Pocket Companion 7th edition is due November 2004. However, final truth is in "Big" Robbins. Pertinent updates will be supplied by lecturers.

NOTE: This is a new book; there are bound to be errors. If you find them PLEASE report them by email or on paper in class to Dr. Graham

There is a CD with cases and questions included with the book.

There is a PIN password to a web site to purchasers of the book. Time will tell whether the website will be helpful or not.


You are provided with class notes, in outline, narrative and/or PowerPoint slide form, from the lecturers. The notes are meant to present learning goals and objectives, organize the lectures, ease note-taking, and clarify or add selected new data to information given in Robbins.

The cost for notes is $50 each semester. Most notes/presentations will be available on line at WebCT linked to the lecture

The Internet provides some EXCELLENT sources that are strongly suggested as sources of information, images, and exam questions. Remember the following: Course notes, lectures, our laboratory material, and Robbins and Cotran 7th edition are considered TRUTH for the purposes of examination.

Corrections to any or all of these sources, as well as clarification of discrepancies will be provided in class and on WebCT.


Photographs of gross organs and photomicrographs are regularly shown in class. It is strongly suggested that you use hard copy and/or Internet sources to review similar and additional images. Since sources are constantly changing; please see the web sites for updates and links.

Some Histopathology Color Atlases that are recommended could be of benefit to you.

  • Curran, R.C. Color Atlas of Histopathology - Amazon Price: $52.50; cheaper used.
  • Wheater, Paul R. Basic Histopathology - Amazon; Out of Print; used available
  • Gresham, G. Austin A Color Atlas of Histopathology - Amazon Price: $39.00 new, used cheaper

Internet sources:

WebCT will be the main source for course material this year. In the past the Department web site has served that purpose. Please note that some material, particularly gross and microscopic images, may require visiting the Department site until they are transferred to WebCT. It is ABSOLUTELY imperative that you check the webpage regularly.

  • The Pathology Department Web page. Go to the "Student" area. Much of this page is/will be transferred to WebCT as the year progresses
  • PathMax - The gateway to most things pathologic - well updated. Go to student area
  • Webpath particularly good. CD ROM version 9.0 now available (you can order in groups for discount). Older versions are good, but the lab exercises have been updated and there are added path images and radiographs on newer versions.