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BL Wk DATE DAY Time Title Lecturer
B1 W1 8/17/2004 Tues 1P Introduction- Pathology and ICM Graham/Buscemi
2P Introduction- Pathology and ICM
8/18/2004 Wed 9A Cell injury and adaptation I Shen
8/19/2004 Thur 9A Cell injury and adaptation: Pathologic correlates Graham
1P Inflammation and Repair I Shen
2P Inflammation and Repair II Shen
8/20/2004 Fri 9A-12p Integration/Analysis (I/A) - INTRO K. McMahon
B1 W2 8/24/2004 Tues 1P Inflammation and Repair III Dunn
2P Inflammation and Repair CPC Graham
8/25/2004 Wed 9A Immunopathology I - Hypersensitivity D. Pence
8/26/2004 Thur 9A Immunopathology II - Transplant rejection D. Pence
8/27/2004 Fri 8A Immunopathology III - Autoimmune diseases D. Pence
9A Immunopathology IV - Amyloidosis D. Pence
B1 W3 8/31/2004 Tues 1P Immunopathology V - Immunodeficiency disorders D. Pence
9/2/2004 Thur 1P Neoplasia-I B. Pence
2P Neoplasia II B. Pence
9/3/2004 Fri 9-12A Integration/Analysis: Wound Healing Colmer/Dunn etc
9/6/2004 Mon Holiday - labor Day
B1 W4 9/8/2004 Wed 8A Perspectives in Pediatric Pathology V. Mamlok
9A Perspectives in Pediatric Pathology V. Mamlok
9/9/2004 Thur 8A Neoplasia III - Morphology,Clinical aspects of Neoplasia Oliver
9A Neoplasia III - Morphology,Clinical aspects of Neoplasia Oliver
9/10/2004 Fri 8A Neoplasia LAB Fac/Residents
9A Neoplasia LAB Fac/Residents
EXAMS 9/15/2004 WED PATH EXAM BLOCK 1: 1-3or4; ACB150 (tent. Time)
CHANGES - in BOLD Major shifts
B2 W1 9/21/2004 Tues 1P Hematopoiesis Morgan
2P Anemia I Morgan
9/22/2004 Wed 9A Anemia II Morgan
9/23/2004 Thur 9A White Blood Cell disorders I Morgan
1P White Blood Cell disorders II Morgan
2P Leukemias I Morgan
9/24/2004 Fri 9A Leukemias II Morgan
B2 W2 9/28/2004 Tues 1P Leukemias III Morgan
2P Leukemias IV Morgan
9/29/2004 Wed 9A Lymphoreticular disorders I Morgan
9/30/2004 Thur 1P Hematology LAB - Blood smear Morgan
2P Hematology LAB - Blood smear
10/1/2004 Fri 9a-12P Integration/Analysis
B2 W3 10/5/2004 Tues 8A Lymphoreticular disorders II Morgan
9A Lymphoreticular disorders III Morgan
1P Lymphoma/Leukemia LAB Morgan
2P Lymphoma/Leukemia LAB Morgan
10/6/2004 Wed 9A Endocrine 1 - Pituitary Disorders; parathyroid 1 Oliver
10/7/2004 Thur 8A Endocrine 2 - Parathyroid 2; start Thyroid Oliver
9A Endocrine 3 - Thyroid Disorders continued Oliver
1P Endocrine 4 - Thyroid/Adrenal Oliver
2P Endocrine 5 - Adrenal Disorders and MEN Syndromes Oliver
10/8/2004 Fri 8A Endocrine 6 - ENDOCRINE FUNCTION TESTS Oliver
9A ICM Topic -
B2 W4 10/12/2004 Tues 10A Enviromental Pathology 1 Bradley
11A Enviromental Pathology 2 Bradley
10/13/2004 Wed 8a Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus
9a Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
10/14/2004 Thur 10A Enviromental Pathology 3 Bradley
11A Enviromental Pathology 4 Bradley
1P Unscheduled - path time: TBA
2P Unscheduled - path time: TBA
10/15/2004 Fri 8A NO CLASS SCHEDULED: if so, in RM ACB100****
9a-12P Integration/Analysis
B2 W5 10/19/2004 Tues 9A Path/ICM - unscheduled now
10A-12 Microbiology
1P Transfusion Medicine Dunn
2P Transfusion Medicine Dunn
10/20/2004 Wed 8A Fluid and Hemodynamics I Morgan
9A Fluid and Hemodynamics II Morgan
10/21/2004 Thur 8A Fluid and Hemodynamics CPC Morgan
9A ICM:Bleeding and Bruising- CASES THIS YEAR
1P Bleeding Disorders I: Note Morgan
2P Bleeding Disorders II Morgan
10/22/2004 Fri 8A Hematology CPC - LECTURE HALL Morgan
9A Hematology CPC - LECTURE HALL Morgan
EXAMS 10/27/2004 WED
B3 W1 11/2/2004 Tues 9A Nutrition 1 - Malnutrition, Protein Deficiencies and Obesit y Shen
1P Nutrition 2 - Vitamin Deficiencies Shen
2P Nutrition 2 - Vitamin Deficiencies 2 Shen
11/3/2004 Wed 9A Nutrition 3 - Mineral deficiencies Shen
11/4/2004 Thur 1P Nutrition 5 K. Chauncey
2P Nutrition 6 S. O'Banyon
B3 W2 11/9/2004 Tues 9A Cancer and Nutrition
1P ICM: Dermatology-white spots Stetson
2P ICM: Dermatology-pustules and purpura Stetson
11/10/2004 Wed 9A ICM: Dermatology-OPEN
11/11/2004 Thur 9A ICM: Dermatology-vesicles Smith
1P ICM: Dermatology-Mucous membranes Smith
2P ICM: Dermatology-Erythemas Smith
11/12/2004 Fri 9-12A Integration/Analysis: Nutrition
B3 W3 11/16/2004 Tues 9A Genetics 1 Tonk
1P ICM: Cancer Diagnosis*
2P ICM: Chemotherapy*
11/17/2004 Wed 9A Genetics 2 Tonk
11/18/2004 Thur 9A Genetics 3 Tonk
1P Complications of Herbal use A. Kaye
2P Complications of Herbal use A. Kaye
11/19/2004 Fri 9A Genetics 4 Tonk
B3 W4 11/23/2004 Tues 9A Open*
1P ICM: Dermatology-epidermal growths Wells
2P ICM: Dermatology-Dermal growths Wells
B3 W5 11/30/2004 Tues 1P Genetics 5 Wilson
2P Genetics 6 Wilson
12/1/2004 Wed 8A ICM: Dermatology indurations and ulcers Stetson
9a-12P Integration/Assessment
12/2/2004 Thur 8A ICM: Dermatology- Papulosquamous Wells
9A ICM: Dermatology-pigmented growths Wells
1P ICM: Dermatology-Hair and nails Smith
2P Open*
12/3/2004 Fri 8A ICM: OPEN
EXAMS 12/8/2004 WED PATH EXAM - ACB150 1-3PM; and ICM EXAMS -ACB100 3-5: subject to change and combination