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Dr. Arthur S. Freeman - Joint Appointment

Associate Professor of Pharmacology
Ph.D., 1982, Virginia Commonwealth University

Electrophysiological and Neurochemical Pharmacology of Midbrain Dopaminergic Neurons

Several neurological and psychiatric disorders are associated with altered function of midbrain dopamine (DA)-containing neurons. Treatment of DA-linked disorders with DA agonists or antagonists, however, is not always effective and is accompanied by undesirable side-effects. A great deal of basic research has focused on the autoregulatory role of DA on DA cell function. Continued investigation into the regulation of these neurons may ultimately yield alternative strategies to pharmacologically manipulate their function for therapeutic benefit.

Studies in our laboratory evaluate the effects of chronic administration of antipsychotic drugs on DA cell electrophysiology in rats. In particular, these studies assess the effects of promising antipsychotic drug candidates in comparison to benchmark compounds. The profile of effects for each drug often gives an indication if it will have therapeutic efficacy and if it is likely to produce motor side-effects in humans. Current studies also involve testing the hypothesis that diet may influence the responses of DA neurons to drug administration. This has clincial implications, such as predicting variable responses of patients with eating disorders to dopaminergic drugs.

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