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Pharmacology and Neuroscience


  • Susan E. Bergeson (Pharmacology and Neuroscience) Genetics and Molecular Neurobiology of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
  • Michael P. Blanton (Pharmacology and Neuroscience) Structural analysis of ligand gated channels
  • John C. Fowler (Physiology) Neuronal response to acute ischemic-like conditions in the isolated brain slice.
  • Arthur S. Freeman (Pharmacology and Neuroscience) Dopamine-peptide interactions
  • J. Barry Lombardini (Pharmacology and Neuroscience) Role of taurine in mammalian tissues
  • Reid L. Norman (Pharmacology and Neuroscience) Neuroendocrinology
  • R. Lisa Popp (Pharmacology and Neuroscience) Pharmacology and Physiology of N-methyl-d-Aspartete Receptors
  • Ted Reid (Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences) Cell biology of visual systems
  • Ali Roghani (Pharmacology and Neuroscience) Molecular biology of vesicular transporters
  • Peter J. Syapin (Pharmacology and Neuroscience) Drug effects on gene expression and regulation
  • Alice M. Young (Pharmacology and Neuroscience) Behavioral pharmacology of opioids / learning, memory and cognition enhancers